Why Does My Cat Bite Me

why does my cat bite meIf you are asking yourself the question, Why does my cat bite me, you need to find out why your cat is acting this way. If you get a little apprehensive when you come in contact with your cat, it is time to curb that annoying behavior.

Cats are predators and have the tendency to bite and scratch. But there are things you can do to stop a cat from biting. Some cats are very aware of how hard they can bite. Others seem oblivious to the pain they cause. You need to set boundaries so that your pet understands her limits. Continue reading

Bearded Dragon Size Info

bearded dragon size

Bearded dragons are a unique kind of pet that are very popular with pet owners due to their good-natured personality.  It is best to find out their particular needs before you decide to get one as a pet. Taking good care of these gentle creatures is very important for them to live a happy, long, healthy life. There are a few factors that determine a bearded dragon size as you will find out by reading further.

Most often they do not grow to their full potential unless they live in the wild. The most common species of bearded dragons in captivity can grow anywhere from 18 inches to 22 inches. If taken good care of, they usually live anywhere from 7 to 10 years, or even longer. Feeding them a nutritious diet and making sure their cage is big enough for them to get a good amount of exercise will help keep them healthy. Continue reading

Horse Behavior Problems

how to train a horseHorse behavior problems can be very frustrating. Some horses are difficult to handle – some are easily trained. It can be very frustrating if your horse won’t obey your commands. Your horse may be exhibiting bad habits such as kicking, biting, halter pulling, etc. Whatever the reason for these horse behavior problems, there is a way to eliminate them. You just need to follow a proven training method that will guarantee results.

It is not easy to find a training technique that is gentle and actually works. But there are certain methods that are extremely effective without being unkind. The result will be the end of all undesirable conduct so it will become a thing of the past. Continue reading

How to Build a Homemade Dog House

homemade dog houseIf you are thinking about building a homemade dog house, you will need some well-designed plans for the best results. Does your dog stay outside for long periods of time? If so, it is necessary to protect him from the heat of the summer and cold temperatures in the winter.

Building a homemade dog house can be quite a fun project. One of the best reasons for building it yourself is that it can be custom made to suit your dog’s needs. It is also a lot less expensive than buying one that is pre-assembled. Continue reading

Keeping Discus Fish

Keeping discus fishDiscus fish are a very colorful species of fish and create a lovely display in an aquarium. If you are planning on keeping discus fish, there are some important facts you need to know.

Discus are usually more expensive than other fish. But they are well worth the extra cost, due to their hardiness, gentle nature, and good rearing ability. Continue reading

Training Tips for Teacup Pigs

training tips for teacup pigsTeacup pigs are very intelligent animals. For this reason, they can get bored very easily. You will need a few training tips for teacup pigs, if you want to keep them out of trouble. If they are not given enough attention or some activity to keep their interest, they can become a handful. They need something to occupy their time.

Once you get your pet home, using proven training techniques which will help alleviate behavioral problems. After spending time with your teacup pig, you’ll soon find out what interests him.   Continue reading

Mayor of Cormorant

Mayor of Cormorant-framedA few weeks ago, a 7-year-old Great Pyrenees named Duke, won the mayoral election and is now the Mayor of Cormorant. This small village in Minnesota has only a population of 12 residents.

Duke, being so popular due to his friendly nature with all who reside in the town, was the first to be given this title, albeit honorary. The residents of Cormorant each paid $1 for their ballots.

Richard Sherbrook, his rival and owner of the Cormorant Store who got less than half of the votes, told ABC News, “There’s no question that he’ll do a good job representing the community. I’m going to back the dog 100 percent. He’s a sportsman and he likes to hunt. He’ll really protect the town.”

Apparently, the new Mayor of Cormorant has been a big help already by slowing down traffic that runs through Cormorant. For his service, the 7-year-old has been given one year’s supply of dog food.

Dog Photo Contest

dog photo contestModern Dog Magazine is holding a dog photo contest where you can enter your dog’s photo and vote for your favorite dog.

Give your dog a chance to become Dog of the Week on the magazine’s home page. You may also have the opportunity to have your pet featured in a future issue of the magazine.

Click here to enter: Modern Dog Magazine Photo Contest


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