Monthly Archives: February 2010

How to Stop a Dog Barking

how to stop a dog barkingBarking is used as communication for dogs. Just as we use our voice, so do they use theirs. It just so happens that your dog’s voice is a loud bark, which can be very annoying at times. I will attempt to help you in your search to find out how to stop a dog barking. Your dog may bark for reasons other than hunger, or needing to go outside. You will need to be intuitive to your dog’s actions and find out the reason for this behavior.

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Solve Your Digging Dog Problem

digging dog problemBy allowing your dog to dig in the garden, you may think he is just being a dog and he should be allowed to express his natural instinct. But if he decides to destroy your flowerbeds with his digging, you may think differently. Here are some suggestions on how to solve your digging dog problem.

If your dog is already in the habit of digging and has begun damaging your garden, it will take some clever manipulation on your part to put a stop to it. Dogs and flower gardens can exist together quite amicably, but it will take some time to retrain him.

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