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Complete Cat Health Care

cat care healthComplete cat health care is very important for the happiness of your cat. You need to observe her closely to make sure she stays content. Owning a cat can bring joy into your life. They are fun to watch and enjoyable to interact with. Sometimes during the life of your pet, you may need some information or advice about cat health care.  Continue reading

Aggressive Cat Behavior – How to Handle It

aggressive cat behaviorAggressive cat behavior can be caused by built-up energy. Some cats have more of an aggressive nature than others, especially when playing. If you find your cat is becoming a little too rough when you play with her, she probably needs more exercise and interaction with you.  Continue reading

What You Should Know About Commercial Dog Food

commercial dog foodIf you are feeding your dog commercial dog food then you may be very interested in reading about what it is doing to your dog. Through research, commercial dog food has been found to contain six toxic chemicals that are banned from human foods because of the deadly diseases they cause. Just a few of those ailments are liver dysfunction, major organ failure, and a variety of cancers.

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The Best Dog Food

best dog foodIf you are feeding your dog commercial dog food, this is not necessarily the best dog food for your pet. In fact, most food you buy at your local pet food store can shorten your dog’s life by many years.

Dogs, like humans, need to eat a healthy diet to stay free of diseases during their lifetime. Studies have shown that most of the commercial dog food you purchase is not suitable for consumption. Continue reading