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Best Way to Train a Horse

best way to train a horseDo you want to find out the best way to train a horse easily? Horses often don’t respond to your commands. This makes horse training extremely frustrating.

Maybe your horse has a bad habit that you would like to eliminate. Behaviors such as kicking, biting, or halter pulling, etc., can be very annoying. You can get your horse to obey you by using specific training methods. Continue reading

Setting Up a Leopard Gecko Tank

Leopard Gecko Tank SetupThere are a few things to consider before purchasing a leopard gecko. The first thing to do is the leopard gecko tank setup. An aquarium is an ideal home for this type of pet. The glass lets you observe your gecko so that you can detect any problems in their initial stage. A ten gallon tank will be adequate to house two geckos but bigger is better. If the tanks are crowded, it can cause fights, health problems, and stress. When you begin setting up the tank, keep in mind that leopard geckos need humidity, warmth, hiding places, and substrate for the flooring. Continue reading

Rabbits as Pets

rabbits as petsThere are a few things you will need to know if you are owning rabbits as pets. They have a life span of approximately 10 years. If they are kept indoors, they tend to live longer than those living outdoors.

Rabbits are popular pets and can live a full and healthy life if they are well taken care of and eat a healthy diet. Continue reading