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Caring for Bristlenose

bristlenoseBristlenose Pleco or Catfish are a great addition to an aquarium because of their ability to keep their tank clear of algae. Depending on the species, these fish can grow to approximately 4-8 inches in length. If well taken care of, they can live up to 12 years. They have bristles around their lips and head. Caring for bristlenose fish can be a rewarding experience. Continue reading

Angelfish Facts

Onangelfish factse of the most popular fish for aquariums today are angelfish. This is because they are attractive in appearance, easy to care for, and have unique personalities. These fish originate from the Amazon region of South America. Their usual lifespan is from 8-10 years.  But they have been known to live to over 15 years of age. Knowing a few angelfish facts can help this beautiful fish live a healthy, long life. Continue reading