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Homemade Dog House Plans

plans for a dog houseIf you have decided to make a dog house with homemade dog house plans, you will need to measure your dog. Then he will be completely comfortable with his new accommodation.

If you have a puppy, you should consider how large he will be when fully grown. You may need to ask your vet or breeder for an estimated size. Knowing this will be a big help when constructing your homemade dog house. Continue reading

Plans for a Dog House

plans for a dog houseIf you are thinking about building an outside shelter for your dog, it will be a lot easier if you follow plans for a dog house. By using a design suitable for your dog’s comfort, you will save a lot of time and effort, while saving money, too. They will provide details on materials, placement, size, and other important aspects of your kennel. Continue reading

How to Train a Horse

train a horseAre you discouraged because your horse won’t obey your commands? If you are looking for great information on how to train a horse, you are in the right place.

Due to certain circumstances, horses can develop a variety of bad habits. You may have problems correcting them, unless you have a good source of training techniques.

Continue reading

Food Guarding – How to Stop It

food guarding in dogsWhen a dog has a food guarding issue, it needs to be addressed immediately or it can become a serious problem. Once you get your dog to realize that you will not remove his food while he is eating, this food guarding behavior will be under control.

To avoid a potentially dangerous situation from happening, there are steps you can take to control food guarding. If it continues, this behavior can strain the relationship between you and your dog. Someone could also get hurt. Continue reading

What Should I Feed My Dog

what should I feed my dogIf you have ever asked yourself what should I feed my dog, you will want to read the following information to ensure she gets a nourishing diet that will keep her healthy. You may have wondered whether commercial dog food is a good choice. Well, you might be horrified to learn that your dog may be at higher risk of premature death when feeding it store-bought food. The ingredients are not quite what you would expect them to be. Continue reading