Aggressive Cat Behavior – How to Handle It

aggressive cat behaviorAggressive cat behavior can be caused by built-up energy. Some cats have more of an aggressive nature than others, especially when playing. If you find your cat is becoming a little too rough when you play with her, she probably needs more exercise and interaction with you. 

Like biting or clawing, aggressive cat behavior is not intentionally spiteful. Cats do not realize that they can hurt you. This is their way of having fun with you.

When cats play with each other or on their own, this kind of behavior is quite acceptable. Playing this way with humans on the other hand is not! But there are a few things you can do to curb this kind of conduct.

If cats become too wild, some owners tend to ignore them but this will not solve the problem. They need interactive playtimes that will use up some of that vent-up energy. Paying no attention to them will not give them the chance to lose that energy. A different tactic is necessary.

When you notice your cat is becoming over-stimulated, walk away from the situation. Do not give her any positive or negative attention. If she is already playing aggressively, stop playing and leave the room if necessary. Initiate play again once she has calmed down. Be consistent with this, if you ignore her sometimes and not others, she will become confused. If she doesn’t let up, place her in a room by herself for awhile until you feel she has calmed down.

Never use physical punishment on aggressive cat behavior. You may harm your cat and this will not teach her to be more gentle herself. She also may become frightened of you, resulting in a distant relationship.

If possible, provide some stimulating activities for your cat – get her to run around, chase things, or anything that will get her to release all that energy. Cats, being predators, like toys they can chase, like balls, fake mice, or anything that they can run after. You may want to throw some of these around for her to retrieve.

More information on aggressive cat behavior

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