Angelfish Facts

Onangelfish factse of the most popular fish for aquariums today are angelfish. This is because they are attractive in appearance, easy to care for, and have unique personalities. These fish originate from the Amazon region of South America. Their usual lifespan is from 8-10 years.  But they have been known to live to over 15 years of age. Knowing a few angelfish facts can help this beautiful fish live a healthy, long life.

Angelfish Facts – Appearance

Angelfish have the appearance of an upright flattened disc. They grow to an average of 7 inches when fully grown. They have long fins on the top and on the bottom. Their large range of rich colors includes many different designs and shades.

Angelfish Facts – Characteristics

These fish can become territorial especially when breeding. But mostly they have a peaceful, shy nature and are very intelligent. Although care should be taken to choose compatible fish, it is safe to have other fish in the tank.

Angelfish Facts – Tank care

When setting up a perfect tank for them to thrive in, it is best to get as many angelfish facts as possible. They thrive in a tank anywhere in size from 20 gallons or larger, and fair better in a tall tank due to their height. The temperature for an angelfish tank should be 74 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, with 80 degrees being the ideal setting. The water should be slightly acidic with the PH set at a level of 6-7.5. Having a timid nature, lots of tall, slender plants for them to hide in are necessary to keep them feeling secure.

Angelfish Facts – Feeding

Being very territorial, angelfish can become quite aggressive at feeding time. They will dominate over less assertive fish so it will be necessary to make sure every fish gets their fair share of the food. A variety of food including live, frozen, freeze dried or flake foods is the best diet. They should also be fed brine, daphnia or bloodworms 2-4 times a week.