Bathing Teacup Pigs

ways to bathe teacup pigsBathing teacup pigs is not always an easy task. On the whole, teacup pigs do not like water, except if it is to cool them off in hot weather. As a result, they need to be conditioned so that they get used to the feel of water on their bodies.

Below are some steps you can follow to make the bathing experience fun for both you and your pet pig.

Bathing Teacup Pigs – Step 1

The first thing to do is to get your teacup pig accustomed to being in the bathroom. Placing towels, or a non-skip rug, on the floor will help your pet feel safer on his feet. You need to make him feel comfortable, so have a few treats handy. Once he feels relaxed, encourage him to do a few basic tricks like sitting. Make him realize that he can have fun in there. If you do this every two or three days, your pig should feel at ease in no time.

Bathing Teacup Pigs – Step 2

The next step is to familiarize your teacup pig with the sound of running water. Use treats to gain his confidence. Initially, you should turn the taps on and off a few times. Give him a treat when the water is running and also every time you first turn it on. Your pet will soon realize that when you turn on the water there is no reason to be scared.

Bathing your pig in a shower will help your pig feel less restricted. It may take some time to get him used to going into the shower stall but, with a little effort on your part, it can be done. Using a few grapes or his favorite treat, run a line to the shower stall. Once he goes in the stall, start off with a small amount of water. Add a little more every time he gets in it. Be sure the temperature is comfortable for him.

You can then introduce him to the actual bathing by rubbing him softly with your wet hands. Before using any shampoo, let him smell it first. Reassuring your pet, while giving him treats, will help the process. As soon as he gets his feet wet, say “Bath” for reinforcement. Bathing teacup pigs goes more smoothly if two people are involved.

Before you dry him, warm the towels up in the dryer. He will soon associate warm towels with an enjoyable time while having his bath.

If you don’t have a shower stall, you can also use a bathtub. It is best to place your pet in the tub when it is dry for a few times first. Place some dry towels at the bottom of the tub so that he won’t feel like he is going to slip. Giving your teacup pig a good experience during his bath time helps with the process. Soon your pet will look forward to having a bath. 

More on Bathing Teacup Pigs

For more information about bathing teacup pigs, there is an eBook called Teacup Pigs or Mini Pigs: The Complete Owners’s Guide. This is an invaluable guide for all owners of these adorable pets. It covers everything from health problems and nutritional requirements to teeth and ear care.

Proper handling and loving discipline of teacup pigs will ensure they will remain gentle and a valued family member for many years. Download your copy of Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide today. It will be well worth the investment.

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