Betta Fish Care

caring for betta fishThe popularity of Betta fish is partially due to their beautiful colors and long flowing fins. These tropical fish make a very attractive addition to any fish tank. They are also very enjoyable to watch with their unique behavior. If you are thinking of getting some of these striking fish, you will need to do some research on Betta fish care.

Although Bettas can be kept in small containers, they do fare better, and their life will be prolonged, in larger tanks. They can get along with some other species, but you need to find out which ones are compatible before you mix them. It is best not to house more than one Betta in your tank, due to territorial rivalry.

Betta Fish Care – The Fish Tank

Being tropical fish, they do well in 72F to 82F water, indirect lighting, and a draft-free location. You may want to install a small heater to ensure that the water temperature stays constant. Because they have the ability to jump out of the tank, only fill the tank to 80% or you will need to place some kind of cover on top.

A Betta’s fins are extremely delicate and can be easily damaged. So, take that into consideration when decorating your tank and avoid rigid materials like hard plastic and jagged rocks, etc. Silk plants are best, along with a small cave-like structure for them to hide in.

Keeping the fish tank clean is essential for healthy fish. By replacing only 25% to 50% of the water at one time, you will be able to avoid a big change in water temperature. Extreme fluctuations can have a very bad effect on your fish. If you see any excess food in the water, remove it to keep your tank clean for longer periods of time. Bettas do best if their diet consists of a variety of high protein foods. One daily feeding is sufficient.

Betta Fish Care – More Information

Finding out about Betta fish care before you buy them can help you greatly with this type of fish. Acquiring healthy fish at the pet store will give you a good start to the process. Giving them all the necessary things to keep them healthy will prolong their life to the fullest.

To learn more about these fish, you will find that the eBook called Betta Care Made Easy is an invaluable source of information. It contains all the necessary steps  you need to enjoy these beautiful fish without having any problems.

Here are just a few of the subjects that are covered in Betta Care Made Easy:

  • best water conditions and how to maintain proper water quality
  • 5 things to do before adding your Betta to his new tank
  • how to care for Bettas separately and in community tanks
  • how to choose a healthy Betta from the store
  • information on illnesses and cures

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