Bichon Frise Information

Bichon Frise InformationFinding good Bichon Frise information is important before considering ownership. The Bichon Frise is an affectionate, intelligent, and active breed. They are extremely friendly and love human company, including children. They also get along with other dogs and pets. The Bichon Frise is very intelligent and quick to learn new tricks. House training seems to take more time, so you’ll need a little patience where this is concerned. 

Obtain as much Bichon Frise information as you can. You will then learn what to expect from your pet and save yourself from unnecessary problems.


The fur of the Bichon Frise needs to be groomed on a regular basis. It will keep the fur from matting and getting tangled. A professional grooming every four to six weeks will keep them looking their best. They have a curly, coarse coat on the outside and a silky, thick coat underneath. But the thickness can vary on each dog. The color of their coats comes in white, apricot and grey colors.

The Bichon is not ordinarily a yappy dog, like some small-dog breeds. They have a happy disposition and are very sociable. They love being toted around and joining in social events and outings. With the right training, this dog will be obedient and a pleasure to have around. But you need to let him know that you are the leader in the relationship, or behavior problems can arise. Being consistent and with early training, Bichons will be the happy, friendly pets they were born to be.

Daily walks are necessary for the well-being of these dogs. Just because they are playful and active doesn’t mean that a good walk isn’t needed. Their energy needs an outlet and this will help keep them calm and composed.

The Bichon Frise weighs anywhere between 7 to 12 pounds and has a height of 9 to 12 inches. Some are inclined to get health issues, such as dislocated kneecaps, skin and ear ailments, and cataracts. Potential owners need to be aware of this and realize that some of these ailments can be avoided. Much can be prevented by taking actions beforehand.

More Bichone Frise information

Bichon Frise InformationFor more Bichon Frise information, you may be interested in reading the eBook, “Insiders Guide to a Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Bichon Frise.” Here are just a few of the topics that are covered:

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  • the best training methods
  • proper toilet training
  • understanding skin allergy problems

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Insiders Guide to a Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Bichon Frise