Boston Terrier Training

Boston TerrierMost new owners struggle with Boston Terrier training, and seem to surrender to the common myth that it takes up to six months to train this breed.

I will dispel this myth, and tell you about the reasons behind why most Boston Terrier owners mistakenly believe this to be true, and will share with you the right way to train Boston Terriers.

Once you understand the underlying secrets to Boston Terrier behavior, you will be pleasantly surprised at how you can transform your “little terror” into the perfectly well behaved mutt, that will make you make you the envy of every other dog owner in your block.

First, let me start by stating that any form of aggression will never work for Boston Terrier training. If you think you can beat or scold your dog into submission and good behavior, then not only is it cruel, but it is a completely ineffective approach to training that will fail to get any results.

The key to knowing the right way to get your dog to behave is to realize that he is a pack animal. From the early days of puppy hood, it is their instinct to quickly figure out the structure of authority surrounding them, and this is what most owners don’t understand.

Being your typical loving owner, it is very common to spoil your new puppy with affection and attention. You can let them play on the couch or bed, or jump up on anyone and anything because it’s just a harmless little puppy so you allow that behavior without any restrictions.

By treating him just like a friend and not as a pet, you fail to set up boundaries and you also fail to do the one thing that makes all the difference regarding Boston Terrier training – and that is to clearly and quickly set your authority as the leader of the pack. Failing to assert yourself in the early stages will always make it a lot more difficult to train your dog later on.

Here are two important steps in successful Boston Terrier training which, if implemented correctly, will give great results.

First, teach each command one at a time – think of it as building blocks. Start with small steps and, once you’ve mastered each step, move on to the more demanding commands. If your pet creates a big fuss when you are just trying to clip his nails, or put on a leash, he is unlikely to respond to your training.

Second, do not go overboard and try lengthy training sessions and expect to see results. What is better … doing thirty minutes of training twice a week, or seven minutes every day? The latter will transform their behavior quickly, while the other may not work at all, and you’ll be left wondering why your efforts are not paying off.

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