Build a Chicken House Quickly and Easily

build a chicken house quicklyDo you want to build a chicken house quickly and easily? By using the right techniques, you can have a chicken house built in just a few days. The key is to find the best chicken coop plans and choose a design that fits your needs. There are many plans out there. So find one to help you build a sturdy coop and also provide a safe place for your chickens.

Build a Chicken House Quickly By Following These Steps

Here are some tips you can follow to build a chicken house quickly.

Plan Before You Build

First of all, you should take all the time you need to plan the complete chicken coop before you begin your project. There are additional pieces that go inside the coop which take up space and need to be taken into consideration.

Measurements of free space should not include inside perches, feeders, waterers, etc. Free space should be just that – free space. Your chickens will feel crowded in a small area and may not produce as many eggs.

To get the right size coop, plan out a blueprint and follow the design before proceeding with the chicken house.

Give Your Chickens Enough Light

The next step is to ensure your chickens have enough light. This will depend on the size and amount of windows you install in your coop.

Be sure to place the windows in the correct location. If they are too low the sun may shine directly on your chickens. This will make them feel uncomfortable. You’ll need to find out the direction which the sun shines from and place your windows on that side.

Build the Right Size Coop

Size is one of the most important aspects of your coop. Think carefully about how many chickens you plan to have. If you’re not sure, build a coop that is slightly bigger than you think you’ll need. Then, if you decide to add more to your flock, you will still have enough room and won’t need to upgrade your chicken house.

You may build a coop that is too small and later find you need more chickens. This will create extra expense as you’ll need to either rebuild the coop or add an extension on to it.

If you follow the above tips with the assistance of a building plan, your coop will be a quick project. It can easily be done on a weekend if you use a step-by-step plan which is easy to follow.

More Info on How to Build a Chicken House Quickly

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Building a Chicken Coop