Building a Mobile Chicken Coop

Mobile Chicken CoopThere are many benefits to building a mobile chicken coop over a large stationary chicken coop. Before deciding which is best for you, do a little research before you begin. Then you won’t be sorry later. Finding out all the details beforehand will help you make a better decision.

The cost of building a mobile chicken coop is a lot less than building one of the larger types. If you have some leftover building materials from another project, these may come in useful. If you need to buy some, it won’t be as expensive as a stationary coop.

Feeding Your Chickens 

Since this type of coop is easy to move, it can be placed in a convenient place for feeding. In the winter, keeping the coop close to the house will make it more accessible. It will also limit the length of time you need to be out in bad weather. 

Mobile Chicken Coop Cleaning

Here are some advantages of cleaning a mobile chicken coop over a stationary coop:

  • It is far easier to clean than a stationary coop
  • Cleaning doesn’t take as long
  • The coop can be moved to a place where cleaning supplies are kept, such as a garage or close to a hose  

Mobile Chicken Coop Size

You need to consider how many chickens you want to keep first. If you plan on keeping more than a few, the mobile chicken coop is not necessarily the right choice. It would probably be best to go with a bigger one.

Chickens are happiest when they have space to move around. So, it may be a better option to build a permanent coop. You can then keep a larger number of chickens in a more comfortable place.

Do take time to think this through before you start on your building plans. You can always have both kinds of coops. One could be mobile and the other being more durable, if necessary. If you only need one, it will save a lot of trouble if you determine the size before you start your project.


Be sure to use well designed plans for your project. Building a strong coop will prevent big problems later. If it is not durable enough, you may end up repairing it often due to the continuous movement of your chickens.

More info on a Mobile Chicken Coop

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Building a Chicken Coop