Caring for Cichlids

red zebraCaring for cichlids can be challenging unless you know how to handle certain situations that can arise. If you have chosen cichlids for your fish tank, you may be well aware of their aggressive nature. To counteract this type of personality, there are things you can do to bring more harmony in your aquarium.

To make sure your fish live amicably with each other, it is very important to do some research before you do any purchasing. Then you’ll find that caring for cichlids can very rewarding.

Caring for Cichlids – Temperament

You may find that not all cichlids have the same temperament. Some will be more aggressive than others. Some may only attack their own kind or go after any fish. When you choose fish for your tank, try to pick species that have the same disposition. This will put them on even ground, if fighting should occur.

Male cichlids can show their aggression when trying to mate with a female. If you don’t have the right ratio of males to females in your tank, it may cause the males to be more competitive. This can lead to a dominant male constantly fighting and chasing other males. Also, it may occasionally cause the persistent chasing of a designated female to the point of its demise.

To lessen the rivalry when caring for cichlids, make sure there is at least a 3:1 ratio between females and males. This will give the males more than one female to focus on. To distinguish between males and females of the cichlid species, you need to watch their behavior as they mature. Reducing the number of males in your tank should decrease the conflict that can occur between these fish.

Caring for Cichlids – More Information

For further information about these beautiful fish, you should read some expert advice on cichlids.

There is an eBook called Cichlid Fish Secrets that will help you keep the disruption in your tank down to a minimum. Here are just a few topics you will find in this book:

  • the best size of tank to use
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  • expert ways to breed your cichlids
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It is an easy-to-read eBook containing all the advice needed when caring for cichlids. Click here for your copy of Cichlid Fish Secrets.

Caring for Cichlids