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Chihuahua informationChihuahuas come in a large variety of different color combinations. Known for being the smallest dog in the world, their usual height is 6 to 10 inches, but some can grow from 12 to 15 inches. Their average lifespan is between 10 and 17 years of age. They are named after a state in Mexico called Chihuahua, where they originated from. Before deciding to purchase one of these dogs, you will need some Chihuahua information to make sure they will fit into your lifestyle.


Although small in size, Chihuahuas can be quite temperamental. If they get frightened, they are inclined to bite. This makes them unsuitable for very small children. They are very loyal and can become quite protective of their owner. They get along best with their own breed, and may confront larger animals, if the situation arises, which can get them into trouble.

Chihuahuas are prone to certain health problems and need to be taken to a veterinarian who is experienced with the breed if they get sick. Some of these issues are epilepsy, seizures, hydrocephalus, diabetes (if not fed correctly), and eye infections. Overeating can become a problem, if their diet is not kept under control. Obesity can shorten their lives and bring on illness, so a well-balanced diet is essential for the welfare of your pet.

They come in two varieties, the long-haired and the smooth-coat (short-haired). The smooth coat is glossy, smooth, and coarser than the long-haired variety. The coat of the long-haired Chihuahua is soft and is flat or has curls. The hair on the chest often gets dirty and matted so it needs regular cleaning and grooming. The rear of the Chihuahua also needs special attention and should be cleaned or clipped regularly. Both types shed, but only minimally. With proper grooming techniques both kinds of hair, either long or short, will be shiny and healthy. To get your Chihuahua looking his best, you may want to opt for a professional dog groomer. If started early, he will adapt easily to this treatment and not get stressed over it.

Attention to the eyes is also necessary. They do tear on a regular basis, so cleaning them with a cotton ball dipped in saline solution, wiping the eyes gently, is necessary. This will reduce tear staining and help clean the eyes. Doing this once or twice a week should be enough to keep it under control. If the eyes have any discharge or are bloodshot, a visit to the veterinarian will be needed.

ChihuahuaNail trimming, regular bathing, and proper upkeep of your Chihuahua will keep your pet healthy, clean and free from infection. A short amount of time spent on your pet on a regular basis can save you money and anxiety, and your pet from stress.

More Chihuahua Information

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