What You Should Know About Commercial Dog Food

commercial dog foodIf you are feeding your dog commercial dog food then you may be very interested in reading about what it is doing to your dog. Through research, commercial dog food has been found to contain six toxic chemicals that are banned from human foods because of the deadly diseases they cause. Just a few of those ailments are liver dysfunction, major organ failure, and a variety of cancers.

If you could increase your dog’s life by up to 8.3 years, would you be willing to change your dog’s diet? By learning which dog foods are acceptable for the health of your pet, you will limit the chances of him getting a life-threatening illness. Just because foods are labeled ‘chemical and preservative free’ does not mean that they really are. This is false advertising by the food manufacturer to try to convince you that their commercial dog food is a healthy choice.

When you purchase the eBook, Dog Food Secrets, the benefits you receive will amaze you. Here are just a few of the advantages of reading this book:

  • Your dog will live up to 8.3 years longer
  • He will feel healthier and happier
  • Most ear and skin infections will be a thing of the past
  • You will save a bundle of money

You will learn how to cook the meals that will keep your dog healthy and in great shape for many more years to come. If you feel that you don’t have the time to cook your dog’s meals, by buying Dog Food Secrets you will find out which commercial dog food is healthy and nutritious.

Here is one of the recipes taken from Dog Food Secrets.

Terrier Tuna, Egg & Cheese Supreme

Ingredients Calories:

1 can flaked tuna in oil, undrained – 339
2 eggs – 148
1 c. whole meal breadcrumbs – 480
1/4 c. grated cheese – 75

TOTAL 1042


Scramble eggs over low heat.
Add tuna in oil and breadcrumbs and stir together.
Melt cheese over mixture.
Serve cooled.

Wag Rating

10 Wags – (all recipes have a ‘Wag Rating’ for healthiness, 10 is maximum)

If you are not satisfied with the information in Dog Food Secrets, you can get a full refund within the first 60 days. This is a no-hassle, no-questions-asked refund, so there is no risk to you. You have nothing to lose and your dog will be eating nourishing, wholesome meals to prevent the sicknesses that can arise when fed most commercial dog food. His well-being is in your hands. Click this link so you can start feeding your dog a delicious diet that is actually good for him.

Dog Food Secrets