Correcting Dog Behavior Problems

Correcting Dog Behavior ProblemsIf you need to start correcting dog behavior problems, you should obtain some good dog behavior training tips to teach him to listen to your commands. Approximately ten minutes a day is all you need to do this. Once he starts to heed your requests all the time, you can make it just 5 minutes a day until he is totally reliable under your control.

Here are some tips on correcting dog behavior problems that you can start today:

  • Enforce your command immediately: While training your dog, use a long or retractable leash. This way if he doesn’t heed you right away, you can enforce your instructions.
  • Use your voice effectively: When you’re praising your dog, try to use a happy voice with a smile. Most dogs can tell by your expressions how you are really feeling. When you are correcting him, use a stern and firm tone but don’t shout.
  • Make your voice sound loud and clear: If you need to interrupt your dog from doing something he shouldn’t be doing, he’ll pay more attention if you say, “OI!” or “Ah-ah!” rather than “No.”
  • Never repeat a command: By having to repeat a command is giving your dog the option of ignoring you at least once. Teach him to obey the first time by giving a tug on the leash. Don’t let him think he can ignore you or he will think that he is in control.
  • Daily training: A training time of about five to fifteen minutes, depending on your dog’s attention span, should be enough for the day. Any more time may be a wasted, as your dog may get too tired.
  • Advanced training: If you feel like your dog has got the basics down pat, you may feel he is ready for more advanced training and to learn tricks. But this is not an essential part of their instruction.
  • Obedience training classes: To let your dog socialize and to teach him how to better concentrate, you may decide to enroll him in training classes. He will learn how to ignore distractions around him while learning the basics. Also, a professional trainer will give you advice about your training strategies.

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