DIY Chicken Coop Plans-Many Designs

Chicken CoopDIY chicken coop plans can make your project easier and also save you money. Building a coop will provide a safe and comfortable place for your chickens. Check your city bylaws explaining the rules and regulations for keeping chickens in your backyard before you begin. 

With the protection of a chicken coop, your chickens can feed, breed and rest with safety from predators. Build a stronger safeguard around the coop, if necessary. Your hens will produce more eggs if they are stress free and happy.

No Room Left for Chickens to Lay Eggs 

Your chickens may be having a hard time finding a suitable place to lay their eggs. If you are finding eggs all over the backyard, it is time for a coop. It will help your chickens feel safer if they have a protected nest for their eggs. They will also be inclined to lay more eggs.

Low Egg Production

Egg production may be slowing down. The eggs are going bad because you can’t find them while they are still fresh. You find yourself stepping on eggs. It is time you built a chicken coop, if any of these is happening to you. Hens will not produce as many eggs, if they don’t feel comfortable and safe.

A chicken coop will help with the collection of eggs, too. There will be no hunting and they will be easily obtainable. Remove bad eggs quickly for less chance of contamination. There will also be less chance of damaging eggs.

Keep Eggs Safe from Harm

Predators not only like chicken eggs, but they will also eat your chickens. Some of these animals are raccoons, coyotes, rats, and birds. A chicken coop will keep your hens safe, but a secure fence may be needed around a coop to deter intruders completely.

Protection from Bad Weather

If you have no coop for your chickens, they won’t be protected from adverse weather conditions. The lack of protection will leave them more vulnerable to sickness. They may even die. Maybe you’ve notice your chickens aren’t doing well in their surroundings. For that situation, consider building a DIY chicken coop.

DIY Chicken Coop Plans

More Information for DIY Chicken Coop Plans 

For some easy chicken coop plans, you may want to check out Building a Chicken Coop. This step-by-step electronic guide will help you build a coop to be proud of. You just need to follow the detailed directions to create the perfect hen house. No previous experience is necessary.

Information found in Building a Chicken Coop:

  • selecting materials for easy building
  • constructing a low cost chicken coop
  • how to build a 2-storey chicken coop
  • detailed tips on for easy building
  • choosing the best breed for your area
  • and everything else you need to know

For expert help, click the link below and download your copy of Building a Chicken Coop. You will get it right the first time and it will save you money. The coop will be a comfortable and safe place for your chickens to lay their eggs. The small investment will be well worth it.

Build a Chicken Coop