Healthiest Dog Food to Feed Your Dog

healthiest dog foodMost dog owners do their very best to ensure that their dogs are healthy. If their pets appear to be well, they assume that they are in good physical health. Quite often, though, by the time the symptoms of illness become noticeable, it is usually too late to save them. They do not realize that most store-bought food they feed their dogs today is far from the healthiest dog food available and can cause serious problems. Continue reading

How to Crate Train a Puppy

how to crate train a puppyIf you have recently brought home a new puppy, there is probably a few things you would like to know about your new addition, including the best way to house train a puppy. There are several effective methods that will accomplish this. The following information deals with the technique of how to crate train a puppy.

This type of house training is great if you have the room in your home. It also works best if you are available to accompany your puppy outside often enough throughout the day. The length of time it takes to crate train a puppy depends on the breed of puppy. It also needs your perseverance during the process. Continue reading

Dog House Building Plans

dog house building plansThere are many things to consider before you choose some dog house building plans. Before starting your project, you need to do some pre-planning before purchasing your supplies. There are a number of things you should take into consideration to be sure that your dog will be comfortable and not reject his new accommodation. Continue reading

Paper Train a Puppy the Easy Way

paper train a puppyLearning how to paper train a puppy can be challenging. It can tax your patience and place a lot of stress on you and your puppy.  Finding out the easiest and fastest way to do this will take research and experimentation. It will be well worth the effort. Continue reading

Introducing the Dog to the New Baby

Introducing the Dog to the New BabyWelcoming a baby into the house is a wonderful event but, if you own a dog, you may be concerned about how he will react to the new addition. By making plans beforehand, you can help make it a success and ensure a safe and happy relationship. Introducing the dog to the new baby needs a little preparation but, by taking the utmost care, it will ensure a smooth process. Continue reading

Can Dogs Eat Turkey

can dogs eat turkeyDuring holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, many pet owners ask the question “can dogs eat turkey?” Here are some tips concerning this issue.

It is quite safe for you to share your turkey meat with your dog. The only thing to be concerned about are the bones. These can be potentially dangerous. Poultry bones can get lodged in your dog’s throat, injure his mouth, or splinter and puncture his intestines. If your dog loves turkey, cut some meat off the bones and give it as a treat. Make sure the bones have been removed.  Continue reading

Tips on House Training a Puppy

house training a puppyWelcoming a new puppy into the house can be a rewarding experience. Training, especially house training, a puppy can be challenging, but by having a positive attitude and some basic relevant information, it will be easier than expected.

When you bring the puppy home, he will probably need to have a toilet break due to the excitement of the trip. By taking him outside, it will enforce the fact that this is where toileting needs to be done. If he is allowed to relieve himself inside, he will probably do it again. It is best to get him on the right track right from the start when house training a puppy. Continue reading

Miniature Pinscher Dogs

Miniature PinschersMiniature Pinscher dogs, or Min Pins as they are affectionately known, are called the King of Toys. This title stems from their confident attitude and majestic appearance. Although small in size, they are fearless, intelligent, curious, and full of energy. They make excellent companions, but need an owner to be a strong leader or they will dominate the household. Continue reading

Best Tips for Dog Training

Train Your DogIf you are looking for the best tips for dog training so as to improve your dog’s behavior without being harsh, there is a technique called positive reinforcement training. This method is extremely successful and follows the theory that rewarding good behavior and ignoring unwanted behavior is the best way to train your dog.

Positive reinforcement training is quite contrary to the old methods of the past. It was once thought that strict discipline, to the point of using physical pain or intimidation, was the answer to get your pet under control. This new theory is more successful in getting your dog to understand what is expected of him and to follow your commands. It even gets him to think for himself.

Continue reading