How to Fix Leash Problems

leash problemsMost dogs love to see the sight of their leash – it means it’s time for a walk! But there are some dogs that aren’t so keen. In fact, if a dog has had a bad experience with a leash in the past, he may be quite fearful of it. Whatever the reason why your dog has leash problems, this can be overcome with patience.

It could be that sometime in his life, a leash was used in such a way that your dog wants nothing more to do with it. Maybe he was tied up for hours at a time, dragged around, or whipped with a leash.  Continue reading

What You Should Know About Commercial Dog Food

commercial dog foodIf you are feeding your dog commercial dog food then you may be very interested in reading about what it is doing to your dog. Through research, commercial dog food has been found to contain six toxic chemicals that are banned from human foods because of the deadly diseases they cause. Just a few of those ailments are liver dysfunction, major organ failure, and a variety of cancers.

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The Best Dog Food

best dog foodIf you are feeding your dog commercial dog food, this is not necessarily the best dog food for your pet. In fact, most food you buy at your local pet food store can shorten your dog’s life by many years.

Dogs, like humans, need to eat a healthy diet to stay free of diseases during their lifetime. Studies have shown that most of the commercial dog food you purchase is not suitable for consumption. Continue reading

Dog Separation Anxiety

Suzy Guy SableOne of the most common problems that dog owners have is dog separation anxiety. It is caused by a dog’s isolation and separation from her owner. Because dogs are social animals, they need company and social interactions or they become very unhappy and stressed out. Your dog may become agitated and anxious when you go out and leave her alone.  Continue reading

What to Feed Your Dog

Have you ever wondered what to feed your dog and if commercial dog food is actually good him? You may be very surprised to learn that most of it contains many harmful ingredients. So much so that your dog’s life could be shortened by years if this is his sole source of food. What to feed your dog can be quite confusing to the new pet owner. The following will give you a little insight into the pet food industry.

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Dog Training – Who’s in Charge?

ScooterIt is important that dog training includes teaching your dog that you are the head of the household. For you to have a healthy relationship with your dog, he needs to realize you are in charge. If he is a little out of touch with this idea, you will need some good advice about correcting this problem.  Continue reading

Correcting Dog Behavior Problems

Correcting Dog Behavior ProblemsIf you need to start correcting dog behavior problems, you should obtain some good dog behavior training tips to teach him to listen to your commands. Approximately ten minutes a day is all you need to do this. Once he starts to heed your requests all the time, you can make it just 5 minutes a day until he is totally reliable under your control.
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How to Stop Your Dog Licking You

how to stop your dog licking youPeople, for the most part, are not particularly fond of being licked. When greeting new people and other animals, dog use licking not only to express submissiveness, but as a way to explore. They also use it to show how much they value your friendship. Further on in this article, we’ll discuss how to stop your dog licking you.  Continue reading

Theories on Why Dogs Eat Grass

why dogs eat grassSome dogs love to eat grass. This habit usually has no bad side effects, except perhaps the odd time when he’ll throw up. Even this doesn’t affect the dog too much. He’ll just vomit and be on his way. It probably bothers you more than your dog.

Why dogs eat grass is a complex problem which has a variety of conjectures.  Continue reading

Greyhounds: Are They Right For You?

If you have ever considered adopting or fostering a Greyhound, there are a few things you will need to know. Greyhounds are usually retired athletes, having been used as racing dogs for most of their lives. Because breeders watch for physical as well as temperamental problems, they are usually very fit and have a calm disposition. As puppies, Greyhounds are frequently handled by a lot of people, including breeders. Since they are kept together and do not socialize with other breeds, they prefer people to other animals.

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