What to Feed a Bearded Dragon

What to Feed a Bearded DragonBearded Dragons are what we call omnivores. This means that their diet should come from both animal and plant sources. To be sure your pet lives to its full life expectancy, you will want to find out what to feed a Bearded Dragon to ensure it has a well-balanced diet to keep it healthy for years to come. Giving your Bearded Dragon the best type of food is essential.

Whatever you feed your pet needs to be chopped up into small pieces – the smaller the lizard, the more chopped up it should be. Be sure it is small enough to fit into your dragon’s mouth. Large pieces can cause blockage of the intestines or choking.

What to Feed a Bearded Dragon – Plants

Bearded Dragons can be fed a large variety of vegetables, including leafy greens. Fruit will always be welcome but should not be given too often. Your pet will do best when a large portion of their food is vegetables. An example of these are listed below:

  • collard, mustard, and dandelions greens, kale, parsley, endives
  • corn, peas, carrots, cumber, squash
  • apples, blueberries, cantaloupe, pears

Green leaf or iceberg lettuce should be avoided due to the low nutritional value. Fruits should only be given sparingly.

What to Feed a Bearded Dragon – Insects

For a healthy diet, Bearded Dragons should eat insects, such as worms and crickets that are gut loaded. Insects that are well fed will pass the extra nutrients along to your lizard. You can either purchase cricket food especially for this or feed the insects a healthy diet before giving them to your Bearded Dragon. Do remember to feed small enough portions so that your pet can handle them easily. The size can increase as your pet gets bigger and is able to swallow them without any problems.

What to Feed a Bearded Dragon – Supplements

Bearded Dragons are prone to calcium and vitamin D3 deficiency. This can cause bone disease such as brittle bones, and deformities. Seizures can also occur. You will need to purchase a calcium and vitamin D3 powdered supplement which can be sprinkled on their food.

Additional information

Certain foods are not good for dragons and can cause serious health problems. It is best to find a good source of detailed information from someone who knows what to feed a Bearded Dragon through experience. For all you need to know about these unique pets, there is an electronic informational guide called Bearded Dragon Secret Manual. By learning the proper way to feed them, you will save money and prevent a lot of stress. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Take all the worry out of bearded dragon care, download your copy today: Bearded Dragon Secret Manual.


What to Feed a Bearded Dragon