Feeding Teacup Pigs

Feeding teacup pigs successfully can be very challenging. However, you can avoid the conflict and disruption that can occur once their natural habits have been changed.

Teacup pigs are very fond of food – in fact, they live to eat. Some owners give in when they ask for food, but this is not a good thing to do. Owners must control their pet’s eating habits or they could be in for long-lasting trouble. Teacup pigs must be made to understand that they can’t eat whenever they feel like it.

Tips When Feeding Teacup Pigs

Be Consistent

If you feed your teacup pig whenever he wants food, you may find he will become aggressive and demanding. Consistency is very important. You will let him know that you are in charge when you feed him only at certain times. If you start feeding him on demand, he will lose the respect he has for you.

Avoid Snacks

One solution to avoid feeding problems is not to give teacup pigs snacks. Snacking can cause issues, as your pig will think he can have a snack at anytime. Other members of the family must follow this rule, too. Any deviation from it will cause your pet to keep trying until someone gives in.

Once you stop feeding snacks to your pet, you must ignore his demands. In fact, you can ignore him completely until he understands what you want of him. Being a very intelligent animal, he will soon learn his lesson.

Who’s the Boss?

During your pet’s mealtimes, you need to make him understand you are the boss. A firm but gentle manner will help keep your pet’s behavior in check.

To end annoying problems, you need to be persistent. Once he knows you are in charge and can’t be coerced into giving in to him, he will give up trying.


Do not let small children feed your teacup pig by hand. In your pet’s excitement to get fed, a child may easily get knocked over. This could cause your pig to feel dominance over your child and could create aggression problems later on.

More Info on Feeding Teacup Pigs

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Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs