Finches as Pets

Gouldian FinchesFinches are small, lively, beautiful birds with vivid coloring. Finches as pets are popular and fun to watch flying around in their cages. They can have a lifespan of up to 5 to 10 years and longer, if well cared for.

Finch care is fairly low maintenance and the pleasure they bring vastly outweighs it. Three of the varieties are gouldian, zebra, and society finches, which are all different in behavior and looks.

Finches as Pets – Cages

Finches prefer a large cage that is approximately 2-1/2 feet long. This gives them room for short flights which they need for exercise. Giving them a variety of perches, both in size and type, will help keep them happy, and their feet exercised. Those made of cement can keep your finches’ nails trimmed but they can be hard on their feet so a variety of perches is necessary. Natural branches from trees such as maple, elm, or cherry are good choices.

Finches love to bathe so place a dish at the bottom of the cage once in a while. Appropriate toys are always welcome but make sure they are safe for your birds. Other accessories can include bells, swings, and ladders. Place them in the cage so as not to interfere with your pet’s flying habits.

A weekly cage cleaning should be included in your finch care to ensure that your pets stay healthy – make sure everything, including all accessories, is cleaned and dried thoroughly. Clean the food and water dishes on a daily basis. On the bottom of the cage sprinkle some grit, preferably some that has added minerals.

Finches as Pets – Food

Although finches eat mostly seed, they do enjoy a little fruit and vegetables included in their diet. By removing any left over fresh food when they are finished with it will keep the cage cleaner with less chance of a bacterial build up.

Owning finches as pets can be a great experience and they will keep you entertained with their activities. Before purchasing some of these popular birds, you may want to find as much expert, detailed advice on finch care as you can.