Food Guarding in Dogs – What are the signs

food guarding in dogsIf you have an issue with food guarding in dogs, you will need to address the problem before it gets out of hand. It can become a serious concern if you or someone else approaches your dog while he is eating.

A dog owner can detect a food guarding issue in their dog if he appears to feel uncomfortable when anyone is close by while he is eating.

Dogs that have a tendency to be aggressive are more prone to this behavior. However, food guarding is not always a reflection on a dog’s personality or training level. It can also be seen in gentle-mannered dogs and is more of an instinctive reaction.

Signs of Food Guarding

The lowest level of food guarding appears when a dog becomes slightly tense when someone approaches him while he is eating. His posture may appear stiff or rigid with signs of discomfort. More severe signs of this problem are:

  • he eats fast
  • he gives you a hard, direct stare
  • his lip is lifted
  • he snaps at you
  • he snarls
  • he gives you a bite

If any of the last three signs are exhibited, your dog may be close to actually harming you. You may want to consider hiring a dog trainer in this case so it can be corrected as soon as possible. There could be an underlying cause to this problem that they can figure out fairly quickly.

More Information about Food Guarding in Dogs

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