German Shepherd Info

German Shepherd informationGerman Shepherd dogs are very popular and make a great companion when handled in the right way. They are a large, attractive looking dog and usually come in various mixed colors – all black and all white are less common.

Before you consider owning a dog of this breed, you will need some reliable German Shepherd information. 

These dogs are very sociable and protective dogs with familiar people, but cautious of strangers. They are eager to learn and great protectors. If well trained, this breed of dog gets along well with both children and other pets, but should not be left alone for long periods of time.

The intelligence of German Shepherds is well known. Only Border Collies and Poodles surpass this much desired breed in intellect. Their learning ability and enthusiasm is exceptional and they can be easily trained. Because of this and also their strength and loyalty, they are often used as police dogs, and guard dogs. They bark only when necessary.

The German Shepherd can be aggressive if not trained or handled correctly. The owner must set limits and be consistent with their training for it to go smoothly. Their dog must be made to realize that the owner is the leader in the relationship and not them. If they feel that they are the dominant figure, they will not listen, but, being too strict, may cause them to ignore your commands – there has to be an even balance. A good amount of exercise is essential for the dog’s well being and tends to help ward off behavioral problems.

Due to early inbreeding, German Shepherds can have a few health issues. They live to an average age of about 10 years. This breed can be a welcome addition to your family, but you need to get as much information about them as you can before they get into a detrimental routine.

More German Shepherd Information

An eBook you may be interested in is called the “German Shepherd Handbook.” This book is full of facts to help with the caring and training of your German Shepherd. It covers health and discipline tips and many other topics. If you implement the ideas in this information guide, you’ll have a much happier, healthier German Shepherd.

German Shepherd informationHere are some of the topics covered in this guide:

  • is the German Shepherd right for you?
  • how to choose the right German Shepherd
  • housebreaking
  • how to train your dog to obey you
  • biting and chewing problems
  • avoiding health problems
  • and much more

This eBook contains German Shepherd information that will be invaluable if you are thinking about owning one of these dogs. The “German Shepherd Handbook” covers all you need to know about this breed. It covers “you asked for it” questions from all over the world – from owners to vets. If you are not completely satisfied, there is a “no questions asked, 60-day, 100% guarantee”! Order your copy of the “German Shepherd Handbook” today.

German Shepherd Handbook