Golden Retriever Dogs

Golden RetrieverGolden Retriever dogs have personalities that would fit into any family. They are friendly, loyal, dependable and gentle. This breed loves to interact with people and needs companionship. The happy, active nature is a popular characteristic of the Golden Retriever dog. He will continue to be a puppy until he is about two to three years of age and, quite possibly, may always be playful. Whether he becomes a hunting partner, a show dog, or a family pet, your dog will be a pleasure to own.

This lovable, intelligent dog is medium sized and has a sturdy build. He weighs anywhere between 60-80 pounds and has a life expectancy of about 10-14 years. His shiny, thick coat comes in a cream color to various shades of gold and is either straight or wavy. The Golden Retriever dog is a medium shedder and his coat is easily groomed with a comb and firm bristle brush.

Golden Retriever Dogs – Temperament

Because of their gentle temperament, Golden Retriever dogs can easily be trained. They are gentle with children, which makes them a popular family dog. To keep them from becoming high-strung and destructive, it is important to make sure they get enough exercise on a regular basis. Bad behavior and hyperactivity can also become problems if these dogs don’t get mental stimulation. Firm leadership by their owner is necessary for them to be happy and content.

Golden Retriever Dogs – Exercise

Due to the fact that the Golden Retriever dog is a sporting breed, he needs regular daily exercise, including long walks, runs, and also play times.

Golden Retriever Dogs – Health Problems

Golden Retriever dogs are prone to certain health issues. Some of them are cancer, heart problems, eye defects, thyroid problems, hip displaysia, and skin allergies. Visits to a veterinarian are often a requirement. Weight gain can also be an issue if they are overfed.

Golden Retriever Dogs – Adoption

A good, reputable breeder should be found if adoption is being considered. A health check is important to both the puppy and parents to ensure that they are free of potential hereditary diseases.

More Information

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Golden Retrievers: Everything You Need To Know