How to Discipline a Dog to Create Good Behavior

how to discipline a dogFinding helpful information on how to discipline a dog can be quite challenging. There is a lot of advice out there, but you need a training style with which you feel comfortable.

There is a humane and effective training technique  widely accepted by dog training experts today. This method is the positive reinforcement method. As the name implies, the system is based on the theory of rewarding good behavior. This involves rewarding habits you would like to see repeated and ignoring the bad habits.

How to Discipline a Dog with Positive Reinforcement

Your dog has a natural instinct to please you. This is where positive reinforcement comes into play. A reward from you, his owner, will convey to him that you are pleased with his behavior. Therefore, he will be more likely to repeat it.

You first need to mark a desired action with your voice or a clicker. If you use your voice, be sure the tone is happy and excited. Marking should be used at the exact time of the behavior. Follow this with a treat periodically or some kind of affection.

When learning how to discipline a dog, you must remember to be consistent when using markers and training commands. Use one short phrase for each behavior and stick to it so your dog won’t get confused. By using consistent repetition, he will soon learn to associate a certain phrase with the corresponding behavior.

Positive reinforcement training is a gentle but successful way to train your dog. It does not involve any harsh punishments. Ignoring the bad behavior is a powerful deterrent. Give your dog positive attention when he behaves well. It will create a stronger connection to the actual behavior.

Disciple with Rewards

The best incentives for good behavior are physical affection and favorite food treats. Most dogs will respond strongly to these. Correct timing is very important. Give your dog a reward when he obeys you. Then, he will understand which behavior earned him the treat. Giving out treats only periodically will prevent your pet from growing tired of them.

Recommended Reading

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