How to Stop a Dog Barking

how to stop a dog barkingBarking is used as communication for dogs. Just as we use our voice, so do they use theirs. It just so happens that your dog’s voice is a loud bark, which can be very annoying at times. I will attempt to help you in your search to find out how to stop a dog barking. Your dog may bark for reasons other than hunger, or needing to go outside. You will need to be intuitive to your dog’s actions and find out the reason for this behavior.

How to stop a dog barking – the main reasons

1. Built-up energy

The main cause for dogs to bark is built up energy, which occurs when they don’t get enough exercise. Exercising your dog more often will eliminate behavior problems, such as barking. You may have to adjust your own schedule to find extra time for your dog. If this is not possible, consider paying someone to walk her once or twice a day. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a barking and unruly dog.

2. Lack of attention

Another cause of dogs being too verbal is lack of attention and being left alone too long. Dogs are very social and like to interact with people. If you’re not giving your dog much attention, this can result in boredom. She would benefit from a health dose of attention to relief the anxiety.

3. Habit

If she has learned that persistent barking gets her what she wants, you will be in for some noisy times. Use your body language to let her know she won’t get your attention by acting undesirably. You need to show your dog who is the boss. Dogs are more content and obedient when you show them that you are in control. Do not wait until she harasses you into playing. To stop a dog barking, you need to let her know you are in command. Ignoring her is the most effective and best way of controlling this behavior. When she starts to bark unnecessarily, turn your back on her immediately. Don’t look at her or talk to her at all. When she sees this unfamiliar action from you, she will probably start to bark even more, especially if she is used to getting attention. This may even get worse before it gets better, but you have to stick it out and be consistent. Do not give in, even if it makes you feel bad. Eventually she will see that she is getting no reward by barking. It will become useless to her and she will stop.

How to stop a dog barking – more information

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