How to Stop Your Dog Licking You

how to stop your dog licking youPeople, for the most part, are not particularly fond of being licked. When greeting new people and other animals, dog use licking not only to express submissiveness, but as a way to explore. They also use it to show how much they value your friendship. Further on in this article, we’ll discuss how to stop your dog licking you. 

Licking is not an intolerable experience as long as it is kept to a minimum. In fact, some people actually enjoy it, especially by their own dog. They feel it is a sign of affection. But some dogs lick excessively and to the point of being extremely annoying. Not only do they like to lick exposed skin, but even clothing is fair game to them. Some dogs overdo it though, and this is what can cause the problem.

How to stop your dog licking you – causes and solutions

Licking may not be derived from mere affection. There may be other underlying reasons behind it. In fact, there are quite often several meanings behind your dog’s actions. You need to take note of how your dog is feeling and behaving at the time of the undesirable licking.

It is necessary to figure out the reasons why your dog is licking you. Because you know him so well, you will probably find it an easy task to find out why he is behaving this way. You should easily be able to notice how he is feeling. You can probably tell if he is in a relaxed and happy mood just by his actions.

Did you just return home after a long day away? Your dog may be feeling anxious and stressed out by your absence. He may express his mood by repetitive licking targeted at his owner. Unhappiness or anxiety can bring about obsessive-compulsive behaviors such as this.

It should be quite easy for you to identify the cause of your dog’s nervous state of mind. Giving him enough attention can be a problem for you if you work all day. Keeping him cooped up for long hours can trigger off unwanted habits. You will need to consider changing your routine so you can address these issues. Making adjustments to your lifestyle may not be easy, but it is necessary to make sure your dog is happy and content. If he is exhibiting bad behavior, he may need more attention or exercise. Dogs do not like to spend long periods of time alone. They are very sociable animals and like company.

Most of the time, though, too much licking is due to an over abundance of enthusiasm. He needs you to know that he loves you and is happy, and he needs you to know right now! To send a clear message to him that you won’t tolerate his saliva being deposited on you, move away immediately when he starts to lick you. Turn your face away from him and turn in the opposite direction. If he continues, say in no uncertain terms, “No!” or “No lick!” or whatever you feel comfortable with. By keeping it short, your dog will soon learn you mean business. If your dog starts to follow you, he may start to lick you again. If this happens, just repeat the process.

Withdrawing signs of affection away from him will soon send him a clear message. Keep this up until your dog realizes your meaning. He will soon understand that licking won’t be tolerated. You don’t need to shout or show negativity. Just remove signs of your love when he licks you, until he reforms.

When your dog interacts with other people, it may undo all your teaching. Explain to them that you are training him and ask them to respond in the same way, if he licks them. Your dog will soon learn to express his affection in more desirable ways.

How to stop your dog licking you – more information

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