how to train your dogDogs usually have a natural intuition to please their owners. The positive reinforcement theory is an excellent training method that uses kindness and patience. If you put this concept into training your pet, he will learn faster and it will be easier for you. Here are some tips on how to train your dog through the positive reinforcement process.

How to train your dog with rewards

Dogs often lose interest if you do something repeatedly. To maintain the highest learning capabilities of your dog, offer tempting incentives for good behavior. For the best results, dog trainers usually reward dogs with treats and demonstrate physical affection. Harsh discipline is not a good way to train your dog as he may become afraid of you. This will create worse problems in the future.

How to train your dog by applying correct timing

For the best results, when a dog correctly follows your instructions, reward him instantly. This will clearly show which behavior has led to the reward. A number of dog owners use a metallic sound-producing device as the pointer. This device is known as the clicker and produces a definite “click.”

It is used whenever a dog displays desired behavior. For instance, if you want your dog to sit, all you need to do is to use the clicker as soon as he places his bottom on the ground. You may want to replace the clicker with your own voice to point out good behavior. By simply uttering “yes” in a pleasant tone, your dog will soon understand what is expected of him. Ensure you reward your dog immediately after pointing out the behavior.

Never contradict your training commands

When you are teaching your dog, you have to make a decision on the words you are going to use and apply them consistently. For example, teaching your dog not to jump up on people. It is not advisable to command your dog to “get off”, “get down” and “stop jumping” whenever he jumps up as this will lead to confusion. Just choose a phrase like “no jumping” and never change it.

More information on how to train your dog

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