Pot Belly Pigs as Pets

pot belly pigsPeople who choose pot belly pigs as pets have usually done some research into these animals before taking one home. Although they are popular pets, you need to find out if they would fit into your lifestyle.

The lifespan of a pot belly pig is between 12 to 15 years. They look very cute when they are small. But, although they are called “teacup pigs” or “pot belly pigs”, they can grow to the size of a medium or large dog. Please see: How Big Do Pot Belly Pigs Get?

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Homemade Chicken House Building Tips

homemade chicken houseIf you are planning on building a homemade chicken house, you may think it will take you weeks. But if you have the right techniques, you can be finished a just a few days.  

For your chicken house to be successful, there are some things you must consider before you begin your project. 

Plan before you begin 

Do not rush into building your homemade chicken house. You may find you do not have enough room for everything that has to go inside. You need to add perches, feeders, waterers, etc. So, there may be much less space that originally planned. Take this into consideration before building the main structure. 

Be sure your chickens have enough free space. They need to feel comfortable in their chicken coop. By following a blueprint, you will get the size right the first time. 

Amount of Light Required

The total amount of light inside the chicken coop should meet your chickens’ needs. To accomplish this:

  • Make sure there are enough windows for adequate light
  • Locate the windows on the side where the sun will shine in
  • Do not place the windows too low – direct sunlight will make your chickens feel uncomfortable 

Size of Homemade Chicken House 

The size of the coop is an important factor when you build a chicken house. If you are planning on obtaining more chickens in the future, build your chicken house slightly larger than you need right now. Otherwise, you will need to build a larger one or add an extension later on. Building it big enough initially will save you time and money later. 

If you follow these tips when you build a homemade chicken house, you will soon have a project you will be proud of. By using easy-to-follow building plans, you should be able to finish your structure in just a couple of days. 

homemade chicken house plans

More information on a Homemade Chicken House

To make sure you build your chicken house correctly, you should obtain some chicken coop plans. This way you will not waste your time and money by making mistakes.  

A set of plans like Building a Chicken Coop has all the details on how to build an inexpensive coop that will keep your chickens safe and comfortable. You will also learn which chickens are best for your climate and location. With these step-by-step instructions, you can’t go wrong. 

Click on the link today for more information and to download your copy of Building a Chicken Coop.

Building a Chicken Coop



Raising Teacup Pigs Successfully

raising teacup pigs successfullyWhen raising teacup pigs successfully, you will discover they are very smart animals but can get easily bored. To avoid behavior problems, you will need to keep them busy. Otherwise, they will find ways to occupy themselves. This can cause quite a big problem. 

Your teacup pig has the ability to convert your home into a playhouse, if you don’t control him. Discipline is very important when raising teacup pigs. Boundaries need to be set when it comes to teaching your pet what he is allowed to touch. Continue reading

How to Care for Teacup Pigs

how to care for teacup pigsIf you want to know how to care for teacup pigs, you have come to the right place. Because teacup pigs are very smart animals, they can get bored fairly quickly. They will find ways to entertain themselves, if you don’t keep them occupied. This can cause problems. 

Without discipline, a teacup pig can be quite destructive and may convert your home into a playhouse. Gentle, but persistent, discipline is very important. Teacups pigs have to understand you are the boss. 

How to care for teacup pigs-behavioral guidelines

You need to set guidelines for your pet. This will keep his behavior under control. Gently scold him for playing with things he shouldn’t. Say in a firm voice, “No! Leave that alone!” then divert his attention elsewhere. Exchange the forbidden item with a favorite toy and give him praise when he plays with it. 

Best ways to train teacup pigs 

Learning how to care for teacup pigs can often create quite a challenge. They can be very stubborn and like to have their own way. Distraction is one method of keeping teacup pigs out of trouble.  

You can purchase toys or make something yourself. Here are some items your teacup pig may enjoy:

  • a rooting box which is a plastic or wooden box filled with birdseed and small rocks
  • chew toys or balls to roll around
  • unwanted magazines or newspapers – teacup pigs take great pleasure in shredding them 

Keep in mind, when you train your teacup pig you must catch him while he is actually doing something that you don’t want him to do. He will only be confused if you scold him afterwards. 

Pig-proofing your home 

Another thing you can do when training your teacup pig is to make your house pig-proof which is not always simple. Pigs have a curious nature. They will be tempted to open every cabinet door, search continuously for food. They will also chew on anything they can find. Think of them as children.

Keep all household cleaning items out of your pet’s reach. You’ll also need to keep pet food, candy, and other sweets away from your teacup pig. With a few adjustments like this, you will seldom have to scold your pet. He will soon learn what is expected of him and your relationship will grow stronger. 

How to care for teacup pigs -more info

When you are looking for a good source of advice on how to care for teacup pigs, you should check out an eBook called, Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide. The informational guide is invaluable when it comes to caring for teacup pigs.  

It covers all topics concerning these adorable pets, including: 

  • health
  • teeth and ear care
  • dietary requirements
  • solving behavior problems

The effective methods used in Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide will ensure your pig will be well cared for in every way. He will become a loving member of your family for years to come.  

Click on the following link to download your copy of this handbook today: Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide

Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs

The Best Dog Food to Feed Your Dog

the best dog foodWhat is the best dog food to feed your dog? If you have ever wondered whether commercial dog food is a good choice, then think again. You might be horrified to learn that it is far from being the best dog food to feed your dog. The ingredients are not quite what you would expect them to be. For instance, did you know that your dog is at higher risk of premature death when feeding him store-bought food? 

You are about to discover the true facts about commercial dog food that are linked to thousands of dogs dying across the U.S every day. 

Several world famous veterinarians, as well as respected dog care professionals, unanimously agree that any dog that eats most of the commercial dog food is at risk of early death before their owners realize what’s going on. Often times, a dog can become very sick. By then, it is often too late and the only way to deal with the situation is by using a lethal injection. 

We will go on to show you what can be done to ensure your dog lives a long and happy life. Once this information is put to use, it will also save you a lot of money in health care costs. You can look forward to having your dog with you up to 8.3 years longer, if you feed him a commercial food-free diet. 

More Information About the Best Dog Food to Feed Your Dog

To learn the secrets about the best dog food to feed your dog, we invite you to carry on reading.  

You need to make drastic changes to your dog’s diet, beginning today! We suggest that you follow our easy step-by-step guide to prevent your dog from dying earlier than necessary. After an in-depth study, a research team discovered that very few commercial dog food brands are actually good for your dog. In fact, most don`t even come close to being the best dog food that your dog needs to keep him in good health.

In the world of vets and dog experts, it is no secret that most commercial dog food is lacking protein and laden with harmful chemicals. Leading dog health author, Ann N. Martin, sums it up nicely in saying that most commercial pet food is garbage.

After more research was conducted, we learned that commercial dog food contains at least six deadly chemicals that were banned from human foods. These chemicals are the cause of various types of cancer and also other health issues, such as liver dysfunction, immune system collapse, blindness, etc.

What is even more alarming is that dogs pick up behavioral problems where they become aggressive. Therefore, it is extremely dangerous to feed them commercial dog food. This is why, for the best dog food, you should definitely look at healthy organic alternatives when feeding your dog.

If you want to ensure that your dog lives a long, healthy life, you will want to read a downloadable book available called Dog Food Secrets. It covers all you need to know about what to feed your dog so he receives a nutritious and balanced diet. By reading this invaluable guide, you will learn all the shocking about most commercial dog food.

This book covers all the aspects of the best dog food. It also reveals all the shocking facts about what is in a large number of commercial dog foods. It also discloses the 10 best canned dog foods researched by professionals.

Extend your dog’s life and save money as well by reading Dog Food Secrets. It explains exactly what to feed your dog so you can be sure he is getting a well-balanced diet which has excellent nutrition and calorie control. Your dog will thoroughly enjoy the easy-to-make, home-made recipes which are included in this dog food guide.

To learn about the best dog food to feed your dog, order your copy of this guide today. Click here to download your copy: Dog Food Secrets.

Dog Food Secrets


How to Build a Chicken House

Build a Chicken HouseKnowing how to build a chicken house can be very rewarding and save you money in the process. But there are some important details you should be aware of before you begin. To obtain the best results, take time to get all the facts pertaining to your project.

There is nothing more frustrating than following a set of chicken house plans and then realizing you neglected to add some essential feature. By building it right the first time around, you will save yourself the aggravation of having to pay for another and spend more time doing it.

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Breeding Arowana Fish

Breeding Arowana FishThere are many types of Arowana fish. Although they basically look the same, each has their own distinctive features. They are often referred to in the Orient as dragon fish and are thought to bring good luck, health and prosperity. Breeding Arowana fish has become quite a popular hobby for the experienced aquarist but it can be quite challenging if they don’t find some expert advice beforehand.

Breeding Arowana Fish Information

Although it may seem impossible for those who are inexperienced, many people have had great success at breeding Arowana fish with just a few essential details. Breeding these fish is very rewarding but it can become quite costly if you attempt it without some kind of guidance. It can take some time before you realize what steps are necessary to get favorable results.

If you have had trouble finding information that is really helpful, then you will be interested in an eBook called Arowana Secrets Revealed. These fish have unique requirements and once they are set in place, breeding can be achieved. This informational guide is filled with essential facts concerning all aspects of Arowana fish care.

Arowana Secrets Revealed has everything you need to know about caring for and breeding Arowana fish. Here are just a few of the facts you will learn from reading this eBook:

  • the main things to look for when buying your fish
  • what preparation is needed to increase chances of survival by 50%
  • the best way to set up the tank
  • best food for health and beauty
  • what signs to look for and how to handle sickness
  • how to achieve natural shine and vibrant colors with effective but simple techniques
  • the key to insider breeding techniques

Learn all the details necessary to be successful in caring for your fish, including breeding Arowana fish. This eBook is invaluable. It is written in a way that is very easy to follow and is the only guide you will need if you are interested in owning Arowana fish.

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Arowana Secrets Revealed

Bearded Dragon Facts

bearded dragon factsIf you are interested in owning a lizard as a pet, you may want to check out a few bearded dragon facts before you decide which type of lizard is best for you. These gentle creatures make great pets for both new and more advanced reptile enthusiasts. They are also a good choice for children because of their docile nature. 

Bearded dragon lizards come from dry, rocky areas of Australia. They have triangular heads and pointed ridges on the sides of their bodies. They grow anywhere from 13 to 24 inches in length, including the tail. Their ‘beard’ is comprised of spiny scales and it is inflated when used to show aggression and when mating.  

The best bearded dragon facts

For your pet to live a long, healthy life, you will need to find some detailed bearded dragon facts. An eBook called the Bearded Dragon Secret Manual is an informative guide which covers every topic you will need to know about these gentle creatures.  

By reading this eBook, you will find some very unique bearded dragon facts that will enable you to give your pet all the requirements it needs to live a full and happy life. Here are just a few of the things you will learn by reading this comprehensive handbook: 

  • how to read your pet`s eye movements
  • signs of healthy bearded dragons (do not buy one unless it shows all of these signs)
  • signs of unhealthy bearded dragons (never buy one that has one of these signs)
  • whether you should get an adult or a baby
  • whether you should get more than one
  • what you should do in the first week of ownership (this will shock you!)
  • one deadly mistake to avoid when bringing home your first bearded dragon
  • the best diet for your pet
  • how to handle your pet without risk of injury 

Learn all you need to know from an expert with many years of experience raising these gentle creatures. With the knowledge you acquire from the Bearded Dragon Secret Manual, you will make sure that your bearded dragon lizards will adjust to their new surroundings right away so as to prevent undue stress. 

The more bearded dragon facts you know before you bring one home, the better chance your pet will have to stay healthy right from the start. When you purchase this guide, you will find out: 

  • which 17 items you should purchase before bringing your bearded dragon home
  • how to design your bearded dragons cage, where to position it, and where not to!
  • a cheap trick to make bearded dragons feel safe and secure
  • how to take the guesswork out of determining the size of habitat
  • ways to save money when buying equipment for bearded dragons
  • important facts about fluorescent light bulbs
  • the best kind of thermometer to use (it`s also the cheapest)
  • the best and worst substrate to use
  • which plants are deadly to bearded dragons 

As you can see, the Bearded Dragon Secret Manual is full of essential bearded dragon facts – it will guide you in the right direction when it comes to caring for your pet. You will learn all the tips and tricks you need to know right from the start. Download your copy today. Click here to get your copy the Bearded Dragon Secret Manual.

Bearded Dragon Secret Manual

How to Train Your Cat

how to train your catThere are many different kinds of information out there about dog training. You can find out almost anything you need to know regarding dogs. When it comes to cats, though, it is not so easy to find good resources about correcting cat behaviors. Most people think that cats have a mind of their own and are not trainable but, with a little patience and determination, it certainly is possible to learn how to train your cat.

More information on how to train your cat

There is an invaluable eBook available called the Complete Cat Training Guide. This informational guide has practically everything you need to know about cat ownership. It not only includes tricks like sitting, rolling over, or shaking hands, it also gives detailed information on how to correct more than 25 behavioral problems such as aggression, night disturbances, and urine marking. By reading this eBook, you will also learn how to communicate with your cat. Here are a few other topics that this book covers:

  • general knowledge
  • toilet training
  • how to understand your cat’s behavior
  • which cat is right for you
  • health and nutrition

The  Complete Cat Training Guide teaches you how to train your cat with easy to follow, step-by-step strategies using photos and illustrations – there is no guessing involved. It is fully laid out for you so that you know exactly what to do, which makes the training much faster.

Another great thing is that this book is instantly downloadable. There is no waiting involved or postage fees to pay. You will be able to start reading this guide immediately after payment. It also comes with some free bonuses that will come in very handy if you want your cat to live a long and healthy life.

This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to train a cat. The Complete Cat Training Guide is full of hands-on and practical advice. The value of this book with the bonuses is worth a lot more than the price you will pay. For the welfare of your cat, order your copy today. The information you learn will be well worth it.

Complete Cat Training

What Is the Best Dog Food

There is such a large variety of dog food to choose from in stores today that it is sometimes difficult to decide what is the best dog food. You may be surprised to learn that most commercial dog food is unhealthy, and it may even shorten your dog’s life.

Commercial dog food may not only be low in the essential nutrients that are needed to keep your dog healthy, but it also contains dangerous preservatives, chemicals, and appalling ingredients that are banned from human food. The chemicals that are added to most dog food can cause life-threatening diseases like cancer, liver dysfunction, organ failure, hair loss, as well as other serious illnesses.

Food label information on canned dog food can be very deceiving about the ingredients. Dog food manufacturers are allowed to state on their cans that the contents are preservative-free when in fact they are not. This is legal because they are only required to reveal what they add to the food themselves. Many of these additives are already included before the manufacturers receive the pet food.

What is the best dog food – more information

There is a downloadable book available called Dog Food Secrets. It covers all you need to know regarding what is the best dog food so your dog can enjoy a healthy, long life that will be free of major ailments. By reading this invaluable guide, you will learn all the shocking secrets when it comes to dog food. Watch the following video for more information on the commercial dog food.

If you want to know what to feed your dog so he lives a healthy life, this step-by-step guide is just what you need. By following the instructions outlined in Dog Food Secrets, you will not only save money but you will be giving your dog all the nutrients he needs.

Dog Food Secrets will explain in detail what is the best dog food to feed your dog to ensure that he will be given the opportunity to live a long, happy life. You will discover an alternative plan to commercial dog food, how to read dog food labels, and how to prepare well-balanced, wholesome dog food recipes. what is the best dog foodThis book covers all the aspects of healthy food for your dog. It also reveals all the shocking details about what is actually in a large number of commercial dog foods. It discloses the 10 best canned dog foods which have been researched by a professional.

To extend your dog’s life up to 8.3 years and save money as well, you should read Dog Food Secrets. It will explain exactly what to feed your dog so that he will have a well-balanced diet which follows the principles of nutrition and calorie control. Your dog will love the easy-to-make, home-made recipes included in this dog food guide.

To learn more about what is the best dog food to feed your dog, order your copy of Dog Food Secrets. You will learn how to improve your dog’s well-being by improving his diet.

what is the best dog food