Bearded Dragon Facts

bearded dragon factsIf you are interested in owning a lizard as a pet, you may want to check out a few bearded dragon facts before you decide which type of lizard is best for you. These gentle creatures make great pets for both new and more advanced reptile enthusiasts. They are also a good choice for children because of their docile nature. 

Bearded dragon lizards come from dry, rocky areas of Australia. They have triangular heads and pointed ridges on the sides of their bodies. They grow anywhere from 13 to 24 inches in length, including the tail. Their ‘beard’ is comprised of spiny scales and it is inflated when used to show aggression and when mating.  

The best bearded dragon facts

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  • ways to save money when buying equipment for bearded dragons
  • important facts about fluorescent light bulbs
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Bearded Dragon Secret Manual