Homemade Chicken House Building Tips

homemade chicken houseIf you are planning on building a homemade chicken house, you may think it will take you weeks. But if you have the right techniques, you can be finished a just a few days.  

For your chicken house to be successful, there are some things you must consider before you begin your project. 

Plan before you begin 

Do not rush into building your homemade chicken house. You may find you do not have enough room for everything that has to go inside. You need to add perches, feeders, waterers, etc. So, there may be much less space that originally planned. Take this into consideration before building the main structure. 

Be sure your chickens have enough free space. They need to feel comfortable in their chicken coop. By following a blueprint, you will get the size right the first time. 

Amount of Light Required

The total amount of light inside the chicken coop should meet your chickens’ needs. To accomplish this:

  • Make sure there are enough windows for adequate light
  • Locate the windows on the side where the sun will shine in
  • Do not place the windows too low – direct sunlight will make your chickens feel uncomfortable 

Size of Homemade Chicken House 

The size of the coop is an important factor when you build a chicken house. If you are planning on obtaining more chickens in the future, build your chicken house slightly larger than you need right now. Otherwise, you will need to build a larger one or add an extension later on. Building it big enough initially will save you time and money later. 

If you follow these tips when you build a homemade chicken house, you will soon have a project you will be proud of. By using easy-to-follow building plans, you should be able to finish your structure in just a couple of days. 

homemade chicken house plans

More information on a Homemade Chicken House

To make sure you build your chicken house correctly, you should obtain some chicken coop plans. This way you will not waste your time and money by making mistakes.  

A set of plans like Building a Chicken Coop has all the details on how to build an inexpensive coop that will keep your chickens safe and comfortable. You will also learn which chickens are best for your climate and location. With these step-by-step instructions, you can’t go wrong. 

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Building a Chicken Coop