Raising Teacup Pigs Successfully

raising teacup pigs successfullyWhen raising teacup pigs successfully, you will discover they are very smart animals but can get easily bored. To avoid behavior problems, you will need to keep them busy. Otherwise, they will find ways to occupy themselves. This can cause quite a big problem. 

Your teacup pig has the ability to convert your home into a playhouse, if you don’t control him. Discipline is very important when raising teacup pigs. Boundaries need to be set when it comes to teaching your pet what he is allowed to touch.

Once he knows who is in charge, you can scold him gently whenever he does something he shouldn’t. Using a firm tone of voice, you can say something like, “No! Do not touch!” You should then divert his attention to a favorite toy, praising him if he accepts it.

Suitable toys when raising teacup pigs

Some suitable play things for teacup pigs are chew toys or balls. Rooting is an instinctive behavior in pigs. If you don’t have an outside area for this, you can use a rooting box. This can be a wooden or plastic box filled with small rocks. A few treats may be added to encourage your pet to root inside the box. Teacup pigs also love to shred newspapers and magazines.  

Disciplining a teacup pig

When disciplining your pet, be sure to reprimand him in the act. Scolding him afterwards will confuse him, even if it is only a short time after. Due to their high intelligence, training usually works best when done correctly.  

When raising teacup pigs indoors, it is necessary for you to pig-proof your home. This will eliminate more serious problems later on. Once a pig gets accustomed to certain behaviors, you may find it more difficult to change them. 

Pigs have a curious nature and will attempt to open cabinet doors looking for food or anything else they find interesting. It will help if you think of them as children. Keep household cleaning products, other pet food, sweets, and anything else that may harm them out of reach. By making these few small adjustments, there will be less disciplining needed. 

Raising teacup pigs successfully can be a very rewarding experience. Taking control of your pet will help create a better relationship between you. Giving them enough stimulation will keep them from causing mischief. By providing a loving and affectionate environment, you will have a devoted companion. 

More info on raising teacup pigs successfully

For more information about raising teacup pigs successfully, there is an invaluable eBook available called Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide. By reading this guide, you will soon learn how to care for teacup pigs in every way. It contains all you will ever need to know about these adorable animals.

Here are some of the topics about raising teacup pigs found in Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide:

  • dietary requirements
  • teeth and ear care
  • correcting behavior problems
  • and more 

The gentle method of discipline described in this handbook will ensure your teacup pig will remain a happy, lovable member of your family for years to come. Click on the following link to download your copy today: Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide

Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs