Introducing the Dog to the New Baby

Introducing the Dog to the New BabyWelcoming a baby into the house is a wonderful event but, if you own a dog, you may be concerned about how he will react to the new addition. By making plans beforehand, you can help make it a success and ensure a safe and happy relationship. Introducing the dog to the new baby needs a little preparation but, by taking the utmost care, it will ensure a smooth process.

What to Do Before Introducing the Dog to the New Baby

Get prepared before introducing the dog to the new baby. This helps avoid jealousy and friction. To keep these feelings to a minimum, give your dog a few minutes of quality time and some special treats.

A few months before you bring your baby home, a visit to the vet is a good idea. Be sure that your dog is free from parasites and worms.

Several months before introducing the dog to the new baby, let him get used to hearing some baby noises. You can buy a CD designed especially for this purpose.

Permit your dog to check out the baby’s things, such as sleeping areas, changing table, baby powder, diapers, and lotions so that he can get familiar with all the new smells associated with the new baby.

Teach your dog that he can’t sleep on or play with your baby’s furniture and toys. Be sure to buy him toys that don’t resemble your child’s toys so that you can teach him the difference.

If you plan to keep your dog out of the baby’s room, you may need to use some kind of barrier. Be sure your dog can’t jump over it.

Although the above steps are a very important part of introducing the dog to the new baby, make sure that your dog knows that you are the alpha figure over him. Be sure that when you reprimand him, he heeds your commands, especially if he shows any signs of jealousy.

When your dog meets your baby for the first time it is important for the introduction to go smoothly as this could set a precedent for the future. It may be a slow process but, if done correctly, it should minimize any problems.

Introducing the Dog to the New Baby for the First Time

Here are a few tips on the first introduction:

  • Because your dog probably missed you when you were away, greet him when you first arrive home. Let someone else hold the baby while you do so.
  • If you are not sure about your dog’s behavior, put his leash on during the first encounter. Talk to him gently, letting him smell the feet and hands and look at the baby. Do not force your pet in any way – let him approach on his own. Always supervise your dog when he is with your baby.
  • If the first meeting goes well, try allowing your dog to sit next to the baby with you. If he acts well, you should give him a treat so that he relates your infant to a good experience. Do not leave your baby alone with your dog even if he seems to behave well.
  • To help your pet adjust well, you should spend some alone time with him every day. Let him know you still love him and he has not been replaced. Keep your routines as regular as possible.

Time spent on training beforehand will ensure a smooth experience between your new addition and your family dog. If all goes well at this stage, it will lay the foundation for a long and healthy relationship.

More Information on Introducing the Dog to the New Baby

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