Lonely Dog Tips – How to Prevent Your Dog From Feeling Lonely

lonely dogBecause dogs are pack animals and highly sociable, it is best not to leave them alone for long periods of time. If you have a lonely dog, you may need to give her more attention. Most people are very busy with their daily lives and may not always have the time necessary to keep their dogs happy.

Sometimes, finding time to take your dog out for a daily walk can become an added burden and giving her attention is usually dropped to your bottom of the to-do list. Stress levels can run high with jobs and personal commitments. This problem can result in a lonely dog.

Dogs that are more sensitive than others may pick up on the stressed feelings of their owners. This can create an impact and they can become anxious and nervous, too. Other less-sensitive dogs can still suffer from isolation.

Lonely Dog Solutions

You may think it practically impossible to find more time to alleviate this problem. But there are ways which you can include your dog in your activities. Here are some suggestions that can be used at those busy times:

  • Every chance you get, take her along with you (she can stay in the car for a short period of time). This will give your dog a change of scenery and a chance to spend more time with you.
  • Place her dog bed in the corner of your bedroom or close to your bed. It is not necessary to invite her up on your bed. Your dog will feel more secure and it will give her a feeling of closeness.
  • To prevent the usual activities with your dog from becoming boring, try going out to new places. Going to the same place for your daily walk can turn into a chore. Try new parks, a beach, exercise yards (where your dog can interact with other dogs), trails, or even downtown. This will be good for both of you. If you enjoy the outing, you may be more apt to spend more time doing it. Your dog will also take pleasure in the new sights and sounds.
  • Try a little multi-tasking with your dog. If you like to read, let her cuddle up against you so you can rub her tummy. You can try to interact also while you are cooking meals. There are often small periods of spare time that you can find during preparation to interact with your pet. You’re sure to think of other ways yourself that will prevent your dog from being on her own too much.
  • Share the responsibility with other family members. Your dog will love getting attention from different people in your household. They can feed, brush, or play with her while you are busy. The more socializing your dog gets, the happier she will be. You may want to oversee interactions with children first, before you allow them full responsibility on their own.

Although these tips can go a long way in helping your lonely dog, they should not be used as a replacement for more focused, quality time. There may be occasions when you feel you just don’t have enough time to go around. That is when you can temporarily substitute some of these ideas.

For the most part, your dog needs your full attention for playing, training, affection, and exercise. But during those stressed times, you can use alternatives so you don’t totally neglect your dog.

More Information for Owners of a Lonely Dog 

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Lonely Dog Tips