Miniature Pinscher Dogs

Miniature PinschersMiniature Pinscher dogs, or Min Pins as they are affectionately known, are called the King of Toys. This title stems from their confident attitude and majestic appearance. Although small in size, they are fearless, intelligent, curious, and full of energy. They make excellent companions, but need an owner to be a strong leader or they will dominate the household.

Miniature Pinscher dogs originate from Germany and were used to hunt rats and other pests. Even though they have a strong resemblance to Dobermans, there is no relationship between the two breeds.

Their tough attitude is quite surprising for a dog of only 8 to 11 pounds in weight and 10 to 12-1/2 inches tall. They appear to be quite delicate because of their size, but you will soon find out they are a strong breed with a personality to match. Owners must be careful not to let their Miniature Pinscher dogs rule the roost.

As far as grooming is concerned for Miniature Pinscher dogs, they are easy to care for. The coat is smooth and shiny and comes in various colors. Their body is muscular and their neck is arched. One charming characteristic is their high-stepping gait.

Due to their abundance of energy and curious nature, Miniature Pinscher dogs must be well-supervised. They are known to escape easily if they aren’t restrained in some way. Persistent but gentle training will help with this problem and is necessary so they follow commands and learn their boundaries. They love to explore and so can get into trouble with their inquisitive nature. Owners will find that using a crate will help keep their pet under control when they are unable to pay full attention to their antics.

Being in a family with very young children isn’t a good idea. Min Pins can’t withstand rough handling even though it may be unintentional. Older children are usually more understanding and can appreciate this small bundle of energy.

Before choosing a Miniature Pinscher for your family, you need to be sure that they will be a good fit for you.

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