Pet Hedgehogs

pet hedgehogsOwning pet hedgehogs is getting to be more common now than ever before. They have the cutest expression on their faces and they look like a bowl turned upside down. Their quills are not barbed or as sharp as a porcupines. They have soft fur on their bellies and face. They do have tails but they are mostly pulled back under the quills.

The life expectancy of a hedgehog is about 4 to 6 years of age and they can grow between 4 to 9 inches in length. Muscles running around their bodies allow them to roll up into a ball when they feel they are in danger.

Pet Hedgehogs -Details

Pet hedgehogs communicate through body language and sounds. For instance, if they purr or whistle, this is a sign of contentment. Puffing, snorting or sneezing conveys uncertainty or displeasure. They usually hiss when they are scared. Being very curious, they love to sniff to become familiar with the odors around them and to feel more comfortable with their owners.

Hedgehogs are pets that are easy to care for. Interaction is needed on a daily basis to gain their trust. To keep them socialized, regular attention is need for a hedgehog to feel at ease and bond with their owner.

Pet hedgehogs are diurnal, which means they stay awake at certain times during both day and night. If preferred, this habit can be changed by handling them more in the day. Their most active time is early morning and after dark.

Pet Hedgehogs – Housing

There are many different types of housing that are suitable for pet hedgehogs, including wire cages, clear plastic containers, and aquariums. Ventilation is very important to keep odors from building up.

When choosing housing for a hedgehog, it is important to ensure that it is easy to clean – it will need frequent cleaning so this needs to be taken into consideration. Whatever is used, it needs to be safe, escape-proof, well-ventilated, easy to clean, and large enough for a pet hedgehog to be happy.

Pet Hedgehogs – More Information

To give your pet all the requirements it will need to live a healthy, happy life, you will greatly benefit from reading an eBook called, Pet Hedgehog Care. Here are just a few of the topics that are covered in this comprehensive guide:

  • choosing an enclosure and bedding
  • nutritional requirements
  • how to handle a hedgehog
  • bathing a hedgehog
  • signs of sickness

There are things you should know about caring for a hedgehog so that you can prevent any mishaps and give your pet a good chance to adapt to his new surroundings. Learn all you need to know from an expert who has had years of experience.

With the purchase of Pet Hedgehog Care, these are the things you will learn:

  • how to make your hedgehog feel at home immediately
  • what foods are his favorite
  • what accommodation is best for your pet
  • how to avoid unnecessary vet bills

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, there is a full unconditional, money-back guarantee! You can buy it and try it out for 60 days and if you don’t think the techniques work for you, then your money will be refunded.

If you own or are planning to own a pet hedgehog, this eBook will be well worth the small investment. By reading all the information written by someone who knows everything about them, you will learn all the tips and tricks right from the start. Download your copy of the Pet Hedgehog Care today, you won’t regret it and will have nothing to lose.

Pet Hedgehog Care


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