Pet Rat Care

pet rat carePet rats are social animals that can be a pleasure to own. With good care and attention, they can have a lifespan of 2 to 3-1/2 years. They are extremely intelligent which makes them easy to train. Pet rat care can be a very rewarding experience.

Since they love company, it is best to have more than one rat to keep them happy. Rats also need lots of attention. Make sure these requirements fit into your lifestyle before you consider owning these pets.

Pet Rat Care – Food

As long as they are well cared for and get good nutritious food, rats can live a full, healthy life. Changing the water daily is essential in rat care to keep them from getting sick. Their diet should consist of low sugar and low fat foods. The main portion of their food should be from high quality lab blocks although they can eat fruit and vegetables, some dairy products, grains, and meat in moderation.

There are different kinds of lab blocks. Some often lack all the nutrients your rats need so make sure you get one of high quality that meets all the requirements needed for your rat care. Other food should be used as a small portion of their diet for added vitamins. Once in a while treats are welcomed but must be limited to the occasional indulgence.

Pet Rat Care – Housing

A wired cage is an ideal home for pet rats – things can be hung from the sides easily and there will be plenty of ventilation. You’ll just need to make sure that your rats can’t escape from their cage. It’s best to have a large enough habitat so that there is lots of room for an exercise wheel as well as plenty of toys to keep them from getting bored. Rats do need to be let out of their cage for some daily exercise so keep this in mind.

Male rats are more playful than females, but they can be more aggressive and the bond between them and their owner is usually stronger. If you buy rats in pairs, it is best to buy either two males or two females.

Pet Rat Care -More Information

For the best pet rat care, you’ll want to find some well-researched material. To ensure that your rats live to their full life expectancy in a happy and healthy way, find out all you can about these adorable animals. You need to give them enough attention and determine what items they need to satisfy their curiosity. Finding out all you need to know about rat care before you own these pets will give them the best overall chance of staying healthy.

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