Mini Teacup Pig Jumping

When a mini teacup pig is small, it is easy to let him do things you will be sorry for later. One of these things is allowing your mini teacup pig jumping on your lap or couch. This type of behavior is cute and quite acceptable when his weight is not an issue. When he reaches maturity though, it can become a problem.

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Mini Teacup Pigs–Keeping Them Out of Trouble

Because pigs are naturally curious, they can get into all kinds of trouble. Being of an intelligent nature, they like to keep themselves occupied most of the time. So, exploring is a good activity for them. The owners of mini teacup pigs need to find suitable things for their pet to do before they get into trouble.

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Caring for Potbelly Pigs

Caring for potbelly pigs can be a very rewarding experience. They have some habits that need discipline, if all is to go well with the relationship between you and your pet.

Caring for potbelly pigs can be a very rewarding experience. They have some habits that need discipline, if all is to go well with the relationship between you and your pet.

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Feeding Teacup Pigs

Feeding teacup pigs successfully can be very challenging. However, you can avoid the conflict and disruption that can occur once their natural habits have been changed.

Teacup pigs are very fond of food – in fact, they live to eat. Some owners give in when they ask for food, but this is not a good thing to do. Owners must control their pet’s eating habits or they could be in for long-lasting trouble. Teacup pigs must be made to understand that they can’t eat whenever they feel like it.

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Training Tips for Teacup Pigs

training tips for teacup pigsTeacup pigs are very intelligent animals. For this reason, they can become very easily bored. You will need a few training tips for teacup pigs, if you want to keep them out of trouble. Lots of attention or some kind of activity will keep them busy. They can become quite a handful when left alone or unattended. They need something to occupy their time.

Once you get your pet home, using proven training techniques will help alleviate behavioral problems. After spending time with your teacup pig, you’ll soon find out what interests him.
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Teacup Pigs and Children

teacup pigs and childrenWhen it comes to teacup pigs and children, care must be taken never to leave kids alone with your pet pig. If your children are small, your pet may feel he is in a controlling position. If that happens, he may become aggressive towards them.

Teacup pigs need to know who the boss is right from the start. If they get out of hand, it can cause problems that may be difficult to remedy later. Being a herd animal, they need to be dominated or establish dominance. The latter is not a good option, if you want harmony in your home. Continue reading

Training Teacup Pigs

training teacup pigsCaring for teacup pigs can be very rewarding, but it can also be very challenging. These adorable animals are very smart. They can easily get into trouble if they have nothing to do. Training teacup pigs is necessary if you want a lasting relationship with your pet. It is important to keep them occupied to avoid harsh reprimands. When teacup pigs try to amuse themselves, they are likely to cause damage in your home. Continue reading

Teacup Pigs as Pets

teacup pigs as petsPeople who choose teacup pigs as pets have usually done some research into these animals. It is best to find out as much as you can before actually committing. Determining if they will fit into your lifestyle will avoid any potential problems later.

The lifespan of a teacup pig is approximately 12 to 15 years. They look very cute when they are first born. Names like “mini” or “teacup” suit them well at that stage of development. But, they may ultimately grow to the size of a medium or large dog.  Continue reading

Bathing Teacup Pigs

bathing teacup pigsBathing teacup pigs is not always an easy task. Most teacup pigs do not like water, except if it cools them off in hot weather. As a result, they need conditioning so they get used to the feel of water on their bodies.

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Teacup Pig Behavior

teacup pig behaviorTeacup pig behavior can bring some challenges to the owner. There needs to be some form of discipline used from the start. When they are small and cute, certain conduct may seem endearing, so it is allowed to continue. But when teacup pigs are adults, these same behaviors may become annoying, due to the size of your pet. Continue reading