Pomeranian Dogs – How to Care For Them

Pomeranian dogPomeranian dogs make very good family pets. They are intelligent, have a passive nature and make good watchdogs. Although they are known to have quite the attitude at times, they can be very easily trained and become a devoted member of the family.

Pomeranian dogs are in the toy category and usually range from 7 to 11 inches in height. Originating in Germany, they are one of the most popular in their class. Their double, long-haired coats shed twice a year and the three most common colors are orange, cream or white and black. Brushing should be done on a daily basis as they shed constantly.

Although they are quite active, due to the size of Pomeranians, a large yard is not necessary for them to get enough exercise. They enjoy long walks and running around a small area. With enough exercise and a good nutritious diet, they should remain healthy. Also, regular care is needed for their ears, teeth, and eyes so problems in those areas can be prevented.

Pomeranians are usually friendly and can be protective of their owners. Being allowed to spend some time alone can help with separation anxiety. They may bark excessively at unfamiliar situations.

At times Pomeranians can be snappy so they are not recommended if there are small children in the family unless they have been raised with them from an early age. Although they are so small, they sometimes don’t seem to realize it and can confront larger dogs without hesitation. They love to learn which makes it easy to teach them tricks.

If you are seriously considering owning one of these lovely dogs, you need to obtain obtain as much information about them as you can to see if they would fit into your lifestyle.

How to Train Pomeranian Dogs