Ragdoll Kittens as Pets

ragdoll kittensIf you’ve been thinking about getting a kitten, Ragdolls may be a good choice for you. Ragdoll kittens are one of the friendliest, gentle-natured, and least aggressive breeds of cats. For this reason, they are very popular, but they can be expensive, running from $400 and up, depending if they are show quality. 

Their friendliness can be detrimental to their safety, so they should be strictly kept indoors. If they encounter other animals, they may not defend themselves and can get injured or worse. Although they like to follow their owners around the house, they aren’t really lap cats – they prefer being on the floor.

The name, Ragdoll, comes from their tendency to go limp or floppy when they are picked up. Because of their large frame, they are a little on the clumsy side, but playful nevertheless. Their fur is medium in length and comes in various shades of grey and brown. It grows longer at the back of the hind legs, and around the neck which causes it to look like a mane. Their tails are also very bushy.

Ragdoll cats are very intelligent and are, therefore, easily trained. They don’t like being on their own so, if you are away a lot, it would be best to get a second one or a companion. If they get lonely, they can become depressed which can lead to health or behavioral problems. Ragdoll kittens are a pleasure to own for most pet owners and their sweet disposition fits in very well with children who can treat them gently.

The fur on these lovely pets is very soft and silky and they don’t shed or matt as much as other domestic cats. They come in various attractive colors and patterns depending on the type of Ragdoll. The color of their fur at birth is white, and starts changing when they are 10 days old. Their full coloring can take up to two to three years to fully develop.

More info about Ragdoll kittens

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