Bearded Dragon Size Info

bearded dragon sizing

Bearded dragons are a unique kind of pet that are very popular with pet owners due to their good-natured personality.  It is best to find out their particular needs before you decide to get one as a pet. Taking good care of these gentle creatures is very important for them to live a happy, long, healthy life. There are a few factors that determine a bearded dragon size as you will find out by reading further. Continue reading

Bearded Dragons as Pets

bearded dragons as petsIf you are thinking about bringing home a bearded dragon, you may want to know what kind of habitat that is best suited to them. There are certain aspects that you must consider before preparing a suitable environment. Keeping bearded dragons as pets can be a very rewarding experience. You just need to be informed about their requirements before bringing one home. Continue reading

What to Feed a Bearded Dragon

What to Feed a Bearded DragonBearded Dragons are what we call omnivores. This means that their diet should come from both animal and plant sources. To be sure your pet lives to its full life expectancy, you will want to find out what to feed a Bearded Dragon to ensure it has a well-balanced diet to keep it healthy for years to come. Giving your Bearded Dragon the best type of food is essential. Continue reading

Setting Up a Leopard Gecko Tank

Leopard Gecko Tank SetupThere are a few things to consider before purchasing a leopard gecko. The first thing to do is the leopard gecko tank setup. An aquarium is an ideal home for this type of pet. The glass lets you observe your gecko so that you can detect any problems in their initial stage. A ten gallon tank will be adequate to house two geckos but bigger is better. If the tanks are crowded, it can cause fights, health problems, and stress. When you begin setting up the tank, keep in mind that leopard geckos need humidity, warmth, hiding places, and substrate for the flooring. Continue reading

Bearded Dragon Care

bearded dragon careIf you are considering buying a bearded dragon for a pet, you will probably be very happy with your choice. But before you go ahead, you’ll want to find out as much information as you can about these sweet and gentle-natured creatures. To help you get started, here are a few things to help you with your bearded dragon care. Continue reading