Siamese Cat Personality

siamese cat personalityThe Siamese cat personality consists of a strong character and affectionate nature. Siamese cats are very energetic and need a lot of attention. They can be quite demanding and love to be included in everything you do.  Cat owners find these traits very endearing.

Siamese cats can sometimes be temperamental but also sociable and outgoing. When they want to stop playing, they sometimes swipe their paw, letting you know they have had enough. Siamese cats can get quite vocal when they want attention. They use their loud voice which is similar to the cry of a baby.

Because they are highly active, it is best not to leave Siamese cats on their own for long periods of time. They have a warm, loving nature so they enjoy being around people. They will often bond strongly with one person.

You will not be disappointed with this intelligent breed if you have enough time to devote to them. They can bring much pleasure to owners who appreciate the Siamese cat personality, even though they can sometimes be demanding and active.

More info on Siamese cat personality

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