Springer Spaniels – Are They For You?

springer spanielsIf you are interested in Springer Spaniels but aren’t sure if one will fit into your lifestyle, you need to do some research on their characteristics and requirements before you go ahead.

Springer Spaniels fit well into an active family life. To avoid built-up energy which can cause behavioral problems, it be best to make sure they get a sufficient amount of daily exercise. They also need lots of attention to prevent them becoming destructive. Undesirable behavior can also occur if they are left alone for long periods of time.

Springer Spaniels – Characteristics

Springer Spaniels are a friendly, affectionate, easy-going breed, with lots of energy. Generally, they are loyal, quick to learn and follow commands willingly. They have a cheery disposition and do not bark unless there is good reason. Although they are a hunting breed, they make great family pets, enjoying life as a companion. They are also good with children and make a capable watchdog.

Springer Spaniel – Description

The Springer Spaniel is a compact, medium-sized, and quite the tail-wagger. The silky coat is reasonably long with some feathering and comes in various colors. Regular grooming is required to keep it matt-free. Some trimming and clipping is also required every few months.

Research should be done into this breed before ownership because some traits of Springer Spaniels may not be suitable to everyone. Problems can be limited if you know what to expect before bringing one home. Be prepared by making enough inquiries to find out all you need to know about them.

More Information

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