Stop Cats Meowing with Patience and Affection

stop cats meowingTo stop cats meowing, you need patience and affection. Cat ownership comes with responsibility. Many people expect their cat to be well behaved without much personal interaction. Some cats oblige, but most cats, especially indoor cats, need contact. 

Reasons for this behavior

There are many reason for this type of behavior including boredom, anxiety in strange situations, hunger, or sickness. Try to figure out the cause for this behavior.

Boredom: Like people, cats get bored. If this is the problem, ignoring the meows is the best solution. This isn’t easy, but don’t forget that this will bring the best outcome. It’ll probably test your patience, but keeping the end result in mind at all times should help you through the reconditioning process. At quiet times, give her positive attention or treats. The more you respond to your cat’s meowing, whether your reaction is good or bad, the more she’ll continue. Try to find time, once in a while, to show your affection and play with your cat when she is quiet.

Anxiety: When facing unfamiliar situations, your cat may get extremely stressed and start meowing. Try leaving her alone. When she starts to come around, reassure her that she is okay. Her meowing will subside when she realizes there is nothing to be scared about.

Hunger: If she is on a feeding schedule and you are running late, expect to hear a few remarks from your cat. You can always leave her some dry food to nibble on during the day.

Sickness: Before commencing with any discipline, make sure your cat is healthy with no medical conditions. Sick cats meow if they feel ill, so determine this first.

If your cat doesn’t respond to your training immediately, don’t give up. Her meowing may be a habit if she has had either good or bad attention at that time. Getting annoyed or raising your voice is enough to cause her to continue meowing. You need to ignore her cries until she realizes you’re not reacting.

To stop cats meowing totally is being unrealistic. Animals need to verbalize sometimes. Older cats will take more time and effort.

Stop cats meowing – more information

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