How to Stop Your Dog Jumping on the Furniture

how to stop your dog jumping on the furnitureAre you having trouble keeping your dog off the furniture? Does it seem like an unsolvable problem? To stop your dog jumping on the furniture, you need to take charge and let him know who’s boss. Once he is allowed to do this, he will think he is the dominant one in the relationship. 

Fighting for your place on the couch can be pretty inconvenient. Your dog realizes that it’s your property and feels like he is pretty important being allowed up there. If you don’t mind him on your furniture, you will have to make sure he knows you are the boss in other situations.

Steps to Take to Stop Your Dog Jumping on the Furniture

The best thing to do is to restrict your dog’s access to your furniture until he is at least five or six months old. This way he’ll see it as a privilege and not as a right. Your dog needs to know that you are in charge if you want to maintain a good relationship.

Being consistent is key in this situation. Whatever you decide about letting your dog on your furniture, you need to stick to it so as not to confuse your dog. This will enforce your decision. You won’t be able to train him if you let him have his own way sometimes. If you want him off your furniture, be strict and don’t change the rules.

If you permit him access some of the time, be sure you are in control of his actions. Teach him that he can’t jump up when he feels like it – he needs to be invited on your couch. For an alternative, give your dog his own dog bed. You can buy one or make your own with cushions and pillows. This will help to stop your dog jumping on the furniture.

You need to remember that your dog can’t differentiate between clean paws and muddy paws, or a new couch and an old one. If you let him up on your old couch, he will continue jumping up if you get a new couch. So, if you allow him access at all, impose limits and force him to wait until you tell him he is allowed.

This is why, if you’re going to allow him any access at all, it’s a fantastic idea to impose limits: to teach him that he can’t just leap up when he chooses, but that he must wait for an invitation.

Stop Your Dog Jumping on the Furniture – More Information

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