Stop Jumping Dogs

stop jumping dogsA jumping dog can be a real problem for a dog owner. It may be cute when your dog is a puppy, but just wait until he gets older – his jumping may not be so cute anymore. If you allowed jumping when your dog was a puppy, he quickly learned that he was rewarded with hugs and affection. But now he is bigger and what was cute is now a problem. As a dog owner, you are probably feeling the need to learn how to stop jumping dogs from greeting you this way. 

To enforce good behavior, stop it right when it starts. If you have a puppy, you’ll be tempted to bend down and stroke him, but restrain yourself so he understands right away that it’s not acceptable conduct.

If you have an older dog and you want to eliminate this behavior, you’ll need to take control and make him understand that jumping is no longer tolerated. Jumping is often accepted by dog owners, especially if they have a toy breed. In fact, it is frequently viewed as a sign of affection by the dog. But not everyone thinks so, and many people are offended by a jumping dog regardless of their size. For owners of large dogs, though, teaching your dog is a must. But not all dogs are jumpers, except perhaps on the return of their owner after a long day’s absence.

Nobody likes being scratched and bruised by a jumping dog. It can be quite frightening for a smaller person or child seeing a dog’s face at eye level. Owners should be responsible and become armed with the knowledge of how to call back their dog immediately. Not everyone is a dog lover!

One of the reasons why dogs jump is because they get excited and like to greet you with enthusiasm. They usually have no threatening intent at all. But if your dog jumps up in different situations and you sense it is not out of excitement, he is probably asserting his dominance over you. This is a more serious issue and will need some serious correction to the relationship you have with your dog.

Your reaction to your dog’s jumping is very important. You need to be very consistent when dealing with this issue. Allowing him to jump up sometimes but not others will make him confused. He won’t understand what you expect of him. He needs to know that jumping is never an acceptable behavior. To stop dogs jumping, you need to be constant with your discipline.

The most successful way to eliminate this conduct is to completely ignore your dog—give him the cold shoulder! Turning your back, folding your arms, or turning your head away will send him the message that you will not tolerate jumping. By this action, you are ignoring the dog, not the behavior.

By ignoring your dog, you are communicating clearly that you are not pleased when he is jumping up at you. He will soon realize that you mean business by your actions. He will calm down very fast. When he is standing on all four feet is the time to praise him profusely.

Even though you may be ignoring him one minute and praising him the next, it does not mean he will get confused. Dogs are only capable of relating your reaction to their behavior at the time of that reaction. So you can show enthusiasm as soon as all his paws are on the ground, even if you were ignoring him seconds before.

More information on how to stop jumping dogs

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