Teacup Pig Behavior

teacup pig behaviorTeacup pig behavior can bring some challenges to the owner. There needs to be some form of discipline used from the start. When they are small and cute, certain conduct may seem endearing, so it is allowed to continue. But when teacup pigs are adults, these same behaviors may become annoying, due to the size of your pet.To avoid future problems, it is always best to let your teacup pig know what behavior is expected of him. You just need to keep in mind how it will effect you when he reaches maturity.

Teacup Pig Behavior – How to Stop Jumping

Maybe one of those annoying behaviors is jumping up on your lap. There are training methods that you can use to discourage this. It may take some time and patience on your part. But, it will be well worth the effort in the long run.

Being consistent is very important if you want successful results. Here are some steps to follow when training your teacup pig:

  1. When you see your teacup pig is about to jump up, hold out your hand with the palm facing his nose and say “No.” This will send a clear message that you do not want him to jump on your lap.
  2. Next, guide your pig away from your sofa or chair. Let him follow you around the room and back again and then rub his stomach. He should roll over himself for a rub after repeating this a few times.
  3. If your pet continues to attempt to get up on your lap, repeat these steps until you notice some progress.
  4. If he does manage to jump on your lap, say “No” and put him back down. Afterwards, place a small treat on the floor but use these sparingly or he may come to expect them every time.
More Info on Teacup Pig Behavior

Teacup pigs are very smart and respond positively to the right training techniques. If you need more advice on training your pet, you will probably be interested in an eBook called Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide. This is a downloadable book that has all you need to know about these adorable animals. It not only covers behavioral issues but also information on teeth and skin care, nutritional requirements, tricks, and more.

By reading this invaluable guide and implementing the instructions, you will have fewer problems with your pet. Train your teacup pig the right way to give him a chance to be a lovable companion for many years to come. Click the link to download your copy today: Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs.

Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs